Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Which is Cuter?

It's that time of year again.... Time to take Christmas photos. Since my sister is a photographer (not of the paparazzi kind), I get to take free, semi-professional photos. They usually consist of me, my husband, and fuzzy Qori.

So this year, I thought I'd be a little festive and wear a Santa Hat. Then I thought, "Well, since I have a Santa Hat, Qori is going to need something too!" So I thought about some reindeer antlers, but Mokee already did that (and he pulled it off better than Qori could because Mokee looked like a Moose). So I went with an Elf outfit. But as we were trying on our new outfits I realized, Qori could pull either off. Although the Christmas photo will have Qori as an Elf (because that tiny hat won't fit on my head), I was wondering.... Which do you think is cuter?

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