Monday, June 18, 2012

Empty Nest


Last night there were big changes over at my place people.  BIG CHANGES!  While it was probably another night for you with the same routine of tucking in the kids, there was a minor tweak in my bedtime routine.  It involved a detour of placing Mateo in his crib in the nursery to sleep instead of the bassinet beside my bed.

I had been preparing mentally for this for months.  I felt like I was never going to be ready to allow my child to sleep in a different room.  But after the previous night, something snapped and I actually DECIDED it was time.  I rustled the covers; Mateo would wake up.  Hubby started snoring; Mateo would wake up.  The dog started scratching himself; Mateo would wake up.  Doing the math, I realized there were 5 bodies inhabiting my master bedroom, including the dog.  It was just too much.  How could anyone get a good nights' sleep?

As I placed Mateo in his crib, I felt a bit of sadness but I knew it was for the best.  I kept telling myself that it was exactly like when he sleeps in his crib during the day, only now it was night.  I left our door and Mateo's door open and I tiptoed out of the nursery to find my toddler, Mr. "I don't want to sleep in the bed and will kick and scream to sleep on the couch" sitting and relaxing on the couch with his Kindle Fire.

"Diego, do you want to go take a nap with us?" I asked.  "No!" he replied.  Exhausted due to the week of sleep deprivation I simply gave up and said, "OK, Mama's going to sleep.  Give me a kiss." and he did.  I left him there safe on the couch in the dark playing on his Kindle. 

Hubby and I started to get ready for bed.  Suddenly, Guess Who came hopping into the bedroom with his Kindle and plopped himself onto his spot in the bed and snuggled in?  I whispered to Hubby, 'don't make a big deal about it, just ignore it.'

And we all fell asleep.  The night enveloped our house with sweet dreams until 4:45am when I woke up to hear Mateo starting to stir.  It was a successful night, but it still saddens me deeply that Mateo is no longer in our room. 

"I don't want to close my eyes. I don't want to fall asleep, cuz I'd miss you baby.  And I don't want to miss a thing" - Aerosmith

Deep Aerosmith, deep... - Shirley

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fashion Friday 6/15/2012

Hey guys!  I'm going to be MIA on the Fashion Friday front for the next 2 Fridays.  I'll be vacationing with the fam in Cancun Mexico!  Finally!  Instead of reading everyone's vacation blog posts lately, I'll be living my own.  Stay tuned for a Fashion Friday post-vacation post when I return!  My sister's giveaway haul continued on into this week!

Wearing less the next 2 Fridays - Shirley
Linking up with Girlymama!

Weekend look staying at home.  If I don't go anywhere, then it's all about my pink slipper boots.  It was really hot this past weekend so I work shorts and a shirt compliments of my sister's closet.
Shirt and gray blazer compliments of my sister's closet.  The giving continues on into this week!
What I wore on volunteer day at the San Francisco Food Bank.  My co-workers never see me in my fake Uggs except today.  Reserved only for my walks with the dog.  (Wore this shirt last week.  Shirt and cardigan compliments of sister's closet)
Shirt Compliments of sister's closet.  I got my new turquoise necklace in the mail!  Love it.  More pics below.  Wearing my most favorite flats.  Feels like I'm walking barefooted.
My Etsy buy.  Raw turquoise stone.  I love it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Couch Dreemz


We're not sure what it is but for the past 2 nights, Diego has been screaming SHRIEKING when it's time to go to bed.  Diego co-sleeps with us while Mateo sleeps in the bassinet next to me (Don't ask my why we threw out all those dollars remodeling our home and creating a nursery/kid's room, if it was never going to be inhabited by little feet).

At around 10 o'clock we all retire to bed to catch the nap train that Mateo's already riding.  Lately - Diego has decided that he doesn't want to go to bed, he doesn't want milk, he DOESN'T EVEN WANT CANDY!  What does he want?  Well he's very specific, even without being able to say it:  he wants his father in the living room on the couch so that the two of them can sleep together there.  "No way!  I've got to work tomorrow." says Hubby. But he gives in the first night, not being able to resist his son's cries.

Before the second night arrives, we talk about it and I tell my spineless Hubby that he's going to have to grow a pair and be strong tonight.  "Lay down the law!"  He must know that what Daddy says, GOES.  45 minutes of gut-wrenching cries, shrieks for "Dada", "Mama", and "Cateh" (Couch?), and waking up Mateo to start a crying-in-unison game later, and I'm impressed that Hubby actually stood his ground.  Diego falls asleep crying.

It's too much for Hubby and he has a nightmare that same night.  In the morning, Hubs tells me, "I don't even want to think about tonight." 

That night Hubs is so tired, he temporarily falls asleep on the couch early with Diego (awake beside him).  I'm exhausted too, but I don't have the luxury of just napping any time I need it.  I wash everything (dishes, counters, clothes, even the baby) except my face (too exhausted) and I'm dying to go to bed.  Hubs walks to the bedroom and throws his equally tired body on the bed.  I observe Diego almost begin to start his newest tantrum, and I cut him off  (Mommy Intervention).  I scoop him up after asking him to give me a hug (he's a good hug-giver), ask him if he wants milk ("yeah"), and then I walk carrying him into our bedroom but not before I make a game out of him turning out the living room lights himself (as a Mama, you learn little tricks about what works on your child).  I place him next to his sleepy father and not a peep is made.

"I'm impressed," he says.

"About what?" I ask.  About how I cooked dinner and then washed everything but my face?  About how I changed everyone's diaper and got them ready for bed?  About how it is that I've been non-stop since 6 am this morning, and I know for sure that I'm going to have to wake up for a 1am and 3am feeding at the least?

"About how you stopped Diego from crying."

"Oh," was all I could respond.  Just that, huh?  THAT'S EASY when you don't spoil the crap out of your child and let him get away with murder (if you don't get it - I'm directing this sarcasm towards my hubby)!  But he won't get it. So I just roll over in bed, and catch the sleep train instead. Then the train hits a detour and Mateo jumps off the caboose about a quarter to 1am... and the ride's over for me.

My balls are bigger than yours, I just wear mine on my chest--- from Pinterest - Shirley

Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY: Instagram Canvases

Over the weekend I decided to sneak in a craft during the baby's naptimes.  As you may recall, I blew $100 on a Father's Day Gift for the Hubs that I probably could've just made, but I used the baby as an excuse.  So I decided 'no more excuses' for craft projects and I ventured on a similar craft for what will eventually become my "Instagram Wall" in my living room (The entire wall will be filled with Instagram canvases).  We'd been back and forth on how to decorate a major wall in our living room. 

I needed to test the waters on this new canvas craft so I chose 5 Instagram photos and lugged my butt to Michaels (craft store) where I found 8x8 canvases on 40% sale!  I also hopped onto and found a 20% of entire purchase (including sale items) coupon.  Score!  I went to Michaels and spent $50 on all my materials.  I was very happy with the final product and will be doing my best to fill the wall with more canvases in between Mateo's naps as the months go by.  Stay tuned for a pic of the final wall (whenever that may be).

You will need:  Instagram photos printed on regular paper in 8x8 size (I read somewhere that you need to make sure the printer uses toner), 8x8 canvases, Modge Podge (Matte), Gel Medium, Black Acrylic Paint (optional), brushes, a spray bottle, a credit card or gift card (I used my Christmas Victoria's Secret Gift Card - no more funds, sadly)
1. Cut your photos to 8x8 size, 2. Apply Gel Medium on top of canvas (don't make it too thick because then your picture can end up looking wrinkly), 3.  place your Instagram picture face down on the Gel Medium.
4.  Take your card and smooth out any bubbles or bumps, 5.  Use a rag to clean off the extra Gel Medium from the sides and let dry overnight, 6.  After canvas is dry, wet the paper with water.
7.  Use your fingers to rub off the paper fibers (you may have to do this more than once with water.  If you use a rag to rub, it may be too abrasive and cause your picture to rip a little. (see the photo of Hubby and Diego sleeping below)  8.  Optional:  If your picture has a black border you may need to apply black acrylic to ripped sections.  You may also choose to paint the entire canvas frame black.  9.  After dry, apply a coat of Modge Podge (Matte) to your canvas and let dry.

Back in the craft! - Shirley

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fashion Friday 06/08/2012

When did the roles reverse before my very eyes?  At some point, instead of my little sister receiving my hand-me-downs, I am now receiving her hand-me-ups.  She's a shop-a-holic and thinks of me when she cleans out her closet.  I scored a mountain of stuff from her this week, and have been trying "new" outfits on for size as the week has gone by. I like to think of her as my personal stylist. Ha!

When I get a craving to shop, I've made a mental note to turn to thrift stores first before I turn to Nordstrom Rack or the internet to start saving a little money.  After all, I have two little mouths to feed, remodel bills to pay, and I find thrifting to be fun.  But with all these hand-me-ups, my sister has probably satisfied my craving for clothes-shopping for the next few months.  So instead, I went onto Etsy and ordered a beautiful turquoise necklace (not the one in the picture below - a different one).  Can't wait until it gets here!

Enjoying the "new" threads - Shirley
Linking up with musingsofahousewife
Sister's Forever 21 Shirt, and I added a little poof to my hair. 
Basically this whole outfit is my sister's including the Jessica Simpson flats.  The only thing mine is the necklace and my body of course!  I like the blazer, it's a satin-y material.
Again - Everything is my sister's except for the pants.
Not thrilled about today's outfit but it is comfy.  The shirt is from my sister's stash.  I used the no-heat sock bun method to curl my hair today.
My sleepy eyes can't hide the fact that I was up nursing the baby at least four times last night :(

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Plan

Keeping up with my Instagram inspired posts lately.  Yup, I'm obsessed with it.
The plan is simple, Diego.  Every Friday, Mama comes to get you at 11am and we go to your speech therapy appointment, as the plan goes: Mama tries everything to keep you awake for the 20 minute car ride.

"Look over there, Diego.  Wow!  What's that?  Hey, can you say Mama? Diego - What does a monkey say..? Oh look, we're here, Can you say Hi Teacher?" etc.

Walking out of the hospital doors after a successful therapy session, Mama straps you in the car and hands you a sippy cup of milk to help you fall asleep in the car.  Halfway home, you fall asleep.  That's the plan.  Simple isn't it?

While sleeping in your car seat, Mama sneaks in some McDonald's because it's her Fast Food Friday - the day she's worked so "diet-arily" hard all week to deserve.  Mama takes you back to Grandpa's and shifts your sleeping body from the car to the house.  You are NOT supposed to wake up because otherwise it will screw up your nap schedule for the rest of the day; so will drinking some of Mama's soda.

You are NOT supposed to wake up.  You are NOT supposed to eat Mama's fries either. 

The plan is great in theory - Shirley (Instagram: @goldendreemz)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Father's Day Gift Idea

Winning Shots

Ever since I saw a version of this idea on SubfertileFrugalista's Youtube channel last year, it was so awesome that I made a mental note to hold on until this year.  Why?  Because I had to put my own Shirley-spin on the idea and it HAD TO WAIT one year.  I'll explain:  the original idea used the same child in all the photos, but for me the numbers worked out great if I waited one year.  There are 3 letters in the word DAD, and last year for Father's day, I was still pregnant with my husband's 3rd child.  We had to wait for Matayto-Potato to be born.  It would just have to wait another year...

Runner Up
Now that the time has come AND I've been Instagram a lot lately, I wanted to have some more fun with this project and give it an Instagram twist.  I'm taking the winning Instagram photos and using to turn them into photo canvases (They print Instagram!).  I think canvases look so sleek and sophisticated and below is my favorite look using the Nashville Instagram filter: 

Enter "JuneSavings" coupon code for 20% off.  My three canvases were a little over $100 including shipping.

You can totally just print the photos and place them in frames for a more economically-friendly gift.  OR - you can make the photo canvas yourself!  There are a lot of tutorials on Pinterest.  Unfortunately, Matayto Potato hasn't given me much breathing room to enjoy my usual crafts, so I just need to leave this particular project to the professionals this time around.  

I joke that we definitely can't have any more children now.  Unless we make the canvases spell DADA or PAPA....


Hoping this gives you some Father's Day inspiration - Shirley (Instagram: @Goldendreemz)

PS. I'm also hoping Hubby doesn't suddenly decide to check out my blog for two weeks!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fashion Friday: 06/01/2012

Linking up with Girlymama for Fashion Friday

This fashion Friday will be more of an Ode to Makeup.  Specifically my favorite eye makeup:  Urban Decay.  What's there more to say?  I love the dramatic colors, color payoff, and long wear of Urban Decay eye makeup.

As a testament, just look at my 24/7 Kohl Eyeliner that I've had before Diego was even born (2 1/2 years People!).  I use that stuff on my water line every day because every other makeup brand I tried would smudge by the end of the day, which bugged the crap out of me!  This doesn't.  It's truly the best eye pencil.  You know when you need to replace your eye pencil when the pencil is too small to fit in the sharpener and is smaller than its own cap!

Since it was time to order a replacement, I took the liberty give their liquid liner a try.  From all my photos, is it any question that I LOVE liquid eyeliner?  I wanted something dramatic instead of a boring black.  Inspired by this photo I decided to go with Siren.  Boy was I happy!

  Wishing you a fashionable weekend - Shirley

Month In Phone Pics - May Recap!

Cray-Cray-May!  Lot's of B-days in May for my family!  What's the crazy month for your family???
Childhood friends 30th Bday and my Dad's 63rd Bday!
Celebrating Mac's Birthday on a boat (Mateo's first time)
Sleeping pills in our water!
Mac had a skateboard accident that landed us in the ER.  The Powers that Be had pity on me because Mateo slept through the whole ordeal.  PS.  No broken bones.  Yay!
Boys will be brothers:  Diego started requesting to hold his brother.  Mateo won't sleep-in (to my weekend dismay), Mateo starts solids and starts testing out his wheeled walker. 

Grandma's birthday dinner at Red Lobster.  My DD is brave and touches a live lobster
Fun bath time as long as we don't sit
The boy's closet is installed (Thanks Hubby!), a few things I've ingested this month, Diego "helps" Qori eat his kibbles, someone walks on our fresh cement (I hate stupid people), Qori hides the last piece of muffin that I COULD have eaten, Qori gives me a BIG peace offering when I get home, My mother's birthday gift gets botched; it was supposed to be a seahorse necklace!
Scaring Mama!
Mateo + Alchohol = No, no, no

Whew!  Glad that's over!  Next up in June???  Vacation month!  Stay tuned and stalk me on Instagram:


Stalk me and I'll stalk you back and we can be best friends! - Shirley