Friday, June 15, 2012

Fashion Friday 6/15/2012

Hey guys!  I'm going to be MIA on the Fashion Friday front for the next 2 Fridays.  I'll be vacationing with the fam in Cancun Mexico!  Finally!  Instead of reading everyone's vacation blog posts lately, I'll be living my own.  Stay tuned for a Fashion Friday post-vacation post when I return!  My sister's giveaway haul continued on into this week!

Wearing less the next 2 Fridays - Shirley
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Weekend look staying at home.  If I don't go anywhere, then it's all about my pink slipper boots.  It was really hot this past weekend so I work shorts and a shirt compliments of my sister's closet.
Shirt and gray blazer compliments of my sister's closet.  The giving continues on into this week!
What I wore on volunteer day at the San Francisco Food Bank.  My co-workers never see me in my fake Uggs except today.  Reserved only for my walks with the dog.  (Wore this shirt last week.  Shirt and cardigan compliments of sister's closet)
Shirt Compliments of sister's closet.  I got my new turquoise necklace in the mail!  Love it.  More pics below.  Wearing my most favorite flats.  Feels like I'm walking barefooted.
My Etsy buy.  Raw turquoise stone.  I love it!


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Omg!!!!!Just Love it what a Glorious and Outstanding style..the t shirt colous suits her alot..