Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Man's Trash... a another -- slightly smaller--man's treasure.


I meant to take photos to show how Mateo's very close to sitting on his own now.  Instead, my boys let their personalities take over the shoot and the photos took on a life of their own.

 scared of her own baby - Shirley

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fashion Friday 05/25/2012

Linking up with musingsofahousewife for Fashion Fridays!

So I happened upon a Groupon for and immediately knew it was a no-brainer:  I HAD to buy the Groupon!  This website has some cute stuff and it's affordable!  Think: Forever 21.  Here are a few things I'd really like to buy:


I'm not sure why but I wanted to dress a bit more professional this week (Except today, you know on Friday's I run my errands)  Here are a few of this week's outfits:
Took a cue from last week and wore my pointy-toed flats.  Two blisters later I totally regretted it.  Also, I think it was too soon to wear this top.  It's skin tight and not very forgiving if you've recently had a baby.  So I spent my work day self-consciously sucking it in!
I'd have to say this was my fave outfit this week.  I felt so put-together and everything fit me right in all the right places!
I really like tops with loose, flowing arms but can never figure out what kind of coat to wear.  Today a Peruvian poncho will just have to do (No arms: Problem solved!).  It's been super windy in the Bay Area.   Hey!  If people can wear ponchos to be stylish, then why do I just feel like a typical Peruvian in it?

Wishing you a fashion-filled Memorial weekend! -Shirley

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweatin' the Small Stuff


Hubby doesn't sweat the small stuff, and sometimes the small stuff perspires out of every pore in my body.  But I'm not blogging about perspiration today, no - instead I will blog about a different bodily secretion - boogers (I don't know why my posts have been gross lately.  I guess it's just a part of motherhood!).

Way back before my first son was even 1 yr old, Hubby had one of those non-small stuff sweatin' moments.  He said, "Hey, let's go have a romantic dinner in North Beach (San Francisco's Italian district) and bring Diego with us."  Cue Shirley's need for deodorant....

Didn't he realize how stressful and non-romantic that would be?  If we wanted to go somewhere with Diego, we should take him to a family restaurant where people understand and expect kids of all levels of crazy to take over.  I tried to reason with him and convince him to leave Diego with my parents for a few hours instead.  After all, he was just getting over a cold or so I thought.

Well, I lost the reasoning battle.  It was apparent that the "romance" Hubby was referring to was only between Diego and his overly-smitten father, with no regard to Mama's emotional tolerance.

After FINALLY finding parking in the world's worst place to find parking North Beach, we enjoyed a wonderful summer dinner out on the patio along with other couples enjoying the view of the San Francisco streets.  A young couple sat next to us, and it was apparent this was their first date.  They were just getting to know each other, but if you ask me there wasn't any chemistry (The tables in North Beach are packed together like sardines, so we were more close than we cared to be with the other couples dining that night).  Diego had been sitting on his smitten father's lap the entire dinner and we were SO close to capping off our dinner without any incident.  Suddenly Diego let out a HUGE post-cold sneeze and a huge, dangly, green mucous was hanging from his nose and almost touching his knees.  It felt like it dangled there for hours!

The girl from the couple next to us looked over in disgust and said under her breath, "That's so gross!" to her date.

In a flash I went from extreme embarrassment to the natural defensive mom thinking, "Don't nobody better talk about MY baby like that!"  This chick didn't understand.  She was not a mother.  She probably didn't even want kids!  Hubby, as always, kept his cool and reached for the folded cloth dinner napkin to wipe Diego's nose.  Where was a disposable paper napkin with Chuck E. Cheeses' face on it when you needed it?  Not a cloth napkin!

It took everything in me to keep my cool, but underneath the facade I was sweating bullets.  I just wanted to get out of there fast before the next sneeze.  But Hubby was relaxing, enjoying his evening at this fancy place in his beloved city with his beloved son.  I don't know how long it took (because it literally felt like HOURS of being on pins and needles to me), but at some point Diego started flirting with that girl next to us.  She was surprisingly very receptive and this time she uttered, "He's so cute!" to her date.  I suddenly had a change of heart.  Maybe she did want kids after all!

Unfortunately, I didn't have a change of perspiration status.

Still sweating the small stuff to-date; and now worse with 2 kids - Shirley

 Writing Prompt:  Write about a time your child embarrassed you in public

Friday, May 18, 2012

Fashion Friday: 05/18/2012


A few Fashion Friday's ago, someone shared the Winter Kate Kamala Burnt Orange Maxi dress, which I immediately fell in love with.  One- because I truly think if I had a BFF it would be Nicole Richie and Two- because if you know me,  you know I LOVE burnt orange.

I have an upcoming planned trip to Cancun Mexico (Insert happy face!) and I've been window shopping for some potential cute outfits.  Unfortunately, I don't have an extra $300 laying around to spend on a Winter Kate dress (nor would I even if I had money) only for it to get covered in sand or for the booze from my Yarda to spill on it.  But $20 for a Forever 21 dress?  Now that'll work for me!

I'm thinking this'll be fun to wear on the Pirate Cruise.  I'm also digging the turquoise necklace! 

On a side note, here's what I'm wearing today.  Something half-dressy, comfy casual while I run my Friday errands.  PS.  I barely had time to comb my hair this morning.... KIDS!

The pinstriped blazer is BCBG and the MSRP ticket was at $278, I stole it at Nordstrom Rack for 30 bucks!  I have a thing for blazers... cheap designer ones-- even better!  I probably should've worn my pointy toed flats but these are more comfy for the running around I'll be doing today. 
 Hoping you have a great Friday!  - Shirley

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stuffed Potato


I really intended to start Matayto-Potato off on solids via a banana or avocado, but Hubby ate all the avocados (he's obsessed with them) and I felt like bananas were too sugary to eat in the evening after my work day.  So I started Matayto off with baby oatmeal.  I wasn't sure if he would like it, but he made it more than clear that he was ready for solids after the first taste.

As I was too busy filming his first meal, Matayto snatched the spoon from my hand and started biting it as if he's used a spoon for years!  I think he will do great when I start him on Baby-led Weaning once he's a solo sitter.

When he snatched the spoon from me, it was if he were saying, "I got this, Mama.  You're too slow.  What took you so long to feed me solids anyway?"

Glad I decided to start Tater on solids a little early (@5 mos) - Shirley

Check out the Tater's "Dinner is a Winner" video on SocialCam

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A 5-Month Update

We reached 5-months on Mother's Day, and your gift to me was the gift of sleeping in until 8 am instead of 6 am.  I soaked up every minute!  At five months you still wake up 1-2 times in the night and you and your brother are like little alarm clocks: waking up at 6 am even on weekends!  So you can imagine my happiness to roll over in bed, grab my phone and see the time was 8 am.  No wonder I felt so refreshed!

MaTAYto's 5-month tidbits:

You suddenly accepted your pacifier as we've been trying for months to get you to like it
You are now fully comfortable standing in your exersaucer without any extra padding, and you last about 15 minutes in it
You have found your "outside" voice: letting out high-pitched screams that seem to be for no reason at all (we joke that you scream like a girl - don't worry so does your brother!)
You've had a few upset reactions when your brother has played The Staring Game with you
Mama is considering starting you on early solids (banana, avocado, or baby cereal)

One month away to a 1/2-year old! - Shirley


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

If you were to tell me two years ago during my first Mother's day, that I would be sitting here celebrating my 3rd Mother's Day as a mom of two, I would tell you to SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

No way!  Why?  Because two years ago I was struggling to learn the nuances of being a new mom and IT WAS HARD!  How could I possibly even begin to think about adding another baby into the mix?  Two years ago I was a 4-months new Mom whose major concerns were getting my baby to stop crying, the end of my maternity leave (which was that same Mother's Day), and whether or not my cry-baby would get kicked out of daycare (which he eventually did).  Fast-forward to today, and now I am a 5-months old veteran mom who has already been back at work for a month and whose major concerns include not wanting to leave my baby for our impending trip to Mexico at the end of June.

Somehow I'm miraculously getting through this whole motherhood thing, as we all are.  We've done it again ladies, so today it's time to celebrate how awesome we are! 

Happy Mother's Day to you! - Shirley

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fashion Friday 5/11/2012 - Juicy Flaws

Linking up with Girlymama for Fashion Fridays!

I was sick the previous week and also just plain uninspired when it came to fashion these past couple of weeks.  It probably has something to do with the tight purse strings that I've had lately as we try to finish our house remodel  (no shopping sprees.  Boo!).  If you're wondering, this is my excuse for being MIA on the fashion front and why I'm only sharing 2 looks this week.
It was hot in the Bay Area this week and something inspired me to be brave and show off one of my flaws:  My boney ankles!  God how I hate them.  I normally only wear these jeans with knee high boots, but you know what?  I've seen worse ankles!  Maybe it's not so bad.  I probably shouldn't have worn such a ruffley/bulky top which was dis-proportioned against my super slender bottom.  Fashion lesson learned.  I probably should've also painted my toenails, but while having a baby in the house, the painting of nails has gone completely out the window :(
This is me today.  I need something comfy on Fridays because I spend my lunch running errands which includes taking my toddler to his speech therapy appointment.  Enter black ballerina flats.  The jacket is Juicy Couture which I have never worn and has been gathering dust in my closet for over a year!  I bought it at my fave: Nordstrom Rack for 40% off the last marked price and paid 80 big ones for it.  The heart necklace is Coach.  I guess today I'm rockin' somewhat of a designer-brand look!

Waiting for my next paycheck! - Shirley

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pink Poop!

I commend you for reading the title of this post and still deciding to click on it and read it!

You know you're a mom when you're taking pictures of your children's poop!

I nearly had a heart attack this morning as I changed Diego's diaper and found a pinkish/reddish poop waving hello back at me.   It could possibly have been blood, but it also seemed to have a weird bright halo of pink to it.  It almost seemed like it was glowing an aura of pink.  I'm serious - it was GLOWING.  I couldn't explain the color, so I took a picture of it just in case (and I am sparing this blog by not posting the picture).  Long ago I read somewhere that you'd be amazed to see how conversations about poop become so normal after you have children. So then was I so crazy for taking it a step further and preserving the moment in a photo?

Immediately, my mind wandered back to Sunday afternoon when I had a less-than-proud mommy moment where I let Diego have an olive knowing full well that it still had the pit inside.  I really didn't think he would actually swallow the pit, but he did and it was too late for me to do anything about it.  Was this diaper present the repercussion to my lazy Sunday afternoon antics? 

Feeling down about my Sunday mommy failure, it was time to bring the kids to grandpa's, suck it up and admit my flaw to grandpa so he could monitor the situation while I waited to for the advice nurse line to open.  I showed Grandpa the picture and he didn't have his glasses on, so it was hard for him to make out the color.

"I gave him cranberries in his oatmeal yesterday.  It could have been those." he said possibly trying to console me.  "But he didn't have THAT many."

Grandpa squinted his eyes while staring at my Iphone, retracing Diego's diet of the day before, then the light bulb went off.

"I know what it is.  Come here," he said and led me to his locked office.  "He had a bunch of these yesterday.  So much that I had to hide them and lock them in the office."

I let out a great sigh, "Pink wafers...."


As of right now, Diego's diet is explicitly free of pink and red foods for a few days, just to be absolutely sure.  I guess I need to re-think tonight's spaghetti marinara dinner!

So what is this mothering thing all about?  It's about doing things you never imagined yourself doing for the love of a little human (like snapping pics of poop).  It's about realizing that as a Mom you can't really have one moment where you let your guard down (like handing out olives with pits).  And most importantly, it's about keeping pink wafers far, far away from your little one's digestive system!

Have you ever snapped a pic of poop?  Or am I the only nut job around here? - Shirley

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - 5/9/2012

My heart doubles in size each time I see this picture - Shirley

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

String Me Along!


If I could string two words together to describe Diego's language development progress at 2 years and 3 months it would be "Diego Good!"  This week he started stringing two words together.  He's only done it before saying "Let Go" which came out more like "Ah-Go" but I think he was more likely imitating me than actually stringing the words along on his own.

However this week he definitely put two and two together when he said, "Bubble Up!"  and pointing upwards, directing me where to blow my next bubble.  He also said, "Bye Dada!" and just yesterday "Ow Brother!" when Mateo pulled his hair while he was laying on the couch.  I call it progress!

And a little bit of sibling abuse...

Diego Good! - Shirley

Here's some footage of what we were up to last week:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Busy Super Mom

I work an 8-5, and after my first son was born it started to evolve into more of a 9-5, without any managerial approval.  Yes, every workday morning you'd see me waltzing in an hour late.  Nobody would say anything because I work in a laid back environment or maybe they just understood.  I was part of the mom club now and had the right to use my children as an excuse for my tardiness and other failures in my life.

But that's not the standard I hold myself to, and truthfully I think I was just becoming so complacent in this laid back job environment.  So after my 2nd son was born and fresh off the heels of my second maternity leave, I made a mental effort to start getting to work earlier than 9.  You can now find me waltzing in only a 1/2-hour late.  LOL!

While others might still think I'm a failure, I really feel I've succeeded because I don't know how I manage to get myself dressed, apply makeup, change diapers, put on new clothes for two, brush an extra set of little teeth and hair, nurse, prepare milk in a sippy cup, defrost tonight's dinner, make at least three trips to load the car, and walk out the door all by 7:45 looking somewhat decent when I couldn't even manage that with 1 child before! The math just isn't adding up.   My Super-Mommy powers must have doubled with my second child!

But as with other super-heroes, I still cripple near Kryptonite:

*Walking the dog - He's such a chill dog that he doesn't ever display signs of cabin-fever so it's easy to choose another task when I'm in a time crunch
*Painting my nails - Remember when I wrote THIS post?  Ah those were the days.... Now look at me.
*Eye shadow - There just isn't enough time in the mornings, but there's always time for eyeliner!
*Keeping my car clean - It's pitiful really.  You would think it was an extension of my bedroom with the amount of my personal crap it's storing that doesn't even belong there. 

Too busy to think of a creative way to end this post! - Shirley

P.S. I know I misspelled misshapen on the pic above, but I'm too busy to fix it
P.S.S. OK maybe I'm not too busy, just too lazy
P.S.S.S.  Damn it!  I just broke a damn nail typing out these P.S.'s.  It'll probably be another day before I get around to filing it...  I'm just too busy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Month in Phone Pics - April Recap

It was a good month!

Out at a nice park with Diego's cousin (showing off his tat).  Eeyore gets left behind during the crazy thunder storms, poor guy no wonder he's always so gloomy!  Hubby finds a free baby jogger.  I return to work and ask the janitorial service to vacuum confetti stars. 
Mateo (4 mos) is in a Carter's 9 month onsie!  Fits him like a glove! Diego plays on our deck and ingests his first chocolate Easter bunny while I ingest a delicious frozen adult drink (the bright side about pumping milk)
Diego doesn't just co-sleep with Dada!  What is it about kids and adults' shoes?  I get my Iphone upgraded at work and the rest of April's phone pics get a face lift as a result (see the difference below!)
I buy ME and Diego a huge slurpie at the zoo, but he ends up drinking the WHOLE thing.  Luckily you get free refills at the SF Zoo.  Grandma gives Qori a haircut because of the heat.  I crave my drinkable yogurt on hot days and provide proof to show how hard I work.
Mateo's smiles prove he is the polar opposite of his older brother when it's bath time.  I receive a special "urgent" request to draw a choo-choo as dinner is burning, hence the reason that last caboose didn't quite come out as a square.  Beautiful day at the SF Zoo.
Qori gets a special trip to the beach to do what he loves best.  I gave him a shower when we got home, only for him to escape to the yard and roll in dirt. Such is my life. 

  Looking forward to the next month - Shirley