Friday, May 25, 2012

Fashion Friday 05/25/2012

Linking up with musingsofahousewife for Fashion Fridays!

So I happened upon a Groupon for and immediately knew it was a no-brainer:  I HAD to buy the Groupon!  This website has some cute stuff and it's affordable!  Think: Forever 21.  Here are a few things I'd really like to buy:


I'm not sure why but I wanted to dress a bit more professional this week (Except today, you know on Friday's I run my errands)  Here are a few of this week's outfits:
Took a cue from last week and wore my pointy-toed flats.  Two blisters later I totally regretted it.  Also, I think it was too soon to wear this top.  It's skin tight and not very forgiving if you've recently had a baby.  So I spent my work day self-consciously sucking it in!
I'd have to say this was my fave outfit this week.  I felt so put-together and everything fit me right in all the right places!
I really like tops with loose, flowing arms but can never figure out what kind of coat to wear.  Today a Peruvian poncho will just have to do (No arms: Problem solved!).  It's been super windy in the Bay Area.   Hey!  If people can wear ponchos to be stylish, then why do I just feel like a typical Peruvian in it?

Wishing you a fashion-filled Memorial weekend! -Shirley