Tuesday, May 8, 2012

String Me Along!


If I could string two words together to describe Diego's language development progress at 2 years and 3 months it would be "Diego Good!"  This week he started stringing two words together.  He's only done it before saying "Let Go" which came out more like "Ah-Go" but I think he was more likely imitating me than actually stringing the words along on his own.

However this week he definitely put two and two together when he said, "Bubble Up!"  and pointing upwards, directing me where to blow my next bubble.  He also said, "Bye Dada!" and just yesterday "Ow Brother!" when Mateo pulled his hair while he was laying on the couch.  I call it progress!

And a little bit of sibling abuse...

Diego Good! - Shirley

Here's some footage of what we were up to last week: