Tuesday, June 8, 2010

They grow so fast!

One of my favorite things to be sarcastic about is the age-old saying "They grow up so fast." It's so overly-used, that I like to be dramatic when I say it, clasping my hands together at my heart and making an emotional face. It was only a matter of time that the saying would catch up to me as it did last night.

I flew in from the Bahamas with my husband. 5 wondrous, yet home-sickening days in the Caribbean had left me refreshed and yet missing my baby. As soon as I got home, I made sure to greet my golden retriever because at this age, he is more conscious of my actions than my son. As soon as he calmed down, I looked over at my sister holding Diego, and was amazed to see what appeared to be a 7 month old baby (he is 4 months right now) smiling back at me. Not only was he more beautiful than I remembered him, he also had a present for me. When I sat him down on the bed, I noticed him focusing on a toy next to him and actually reaching out to grab it! This was a milestone that I had been impatiently waiting for, and it finally arrived. 5 days people. I was only gone 5 days.

Clasping my hands to my heart, "They grow up so fast!"