Saturday, March 21, 2009

Inspiration & Creativity

Caption reads: Imagination

What we can easily see is only a small percentage of what is possible. Imagination is having the vision to see what is just below the surface; to picture that which is essential, but invisible to the eye.

I entered the inspirational contest of my good Youtube friend, Love4AllThings. It was a really fun and creative video to make. It actually came on the heels of a remodel that's going on at my house. My husband has been remodeling a few rooms, including his office. He asked me to buy him some of those inspirational posters (you know, like leadership, teamwork, sacrifice, etc.). I never understood what his fascination is with those posters until I saw the one in the above picture. That one spoke to me because everything just seemed to fit: the picture, the words, everything. Maybe it's because I feel like I have a wild imagination, which helps me be creative a lot of the time. I guess I just needed the right inspirational poster; one that spoke to only me.

You may find this weird, but I actually bought the above framed picture (just a small one for my desk). It had nothing to do with the contest. I actually put the order in a day or two before I decided to use it for the contest.

Taking inspiration from the iceberg picture, I recorded the following look. Can't wait to see if I win!!! (*crossing fingers*)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Idolizing Mokee

You may remember that Mokee recently had a little wound on his nose. It's been about a week now, and his nose isn't any better. In fact, it might be worse. Aunty Stephanie placed one of those blue cones around his head so that he can't make it worse, and my mom has been calling him cone head.

To make Mokee feel better and show him how much of my idol he is, I decided to follow in suit. I did this to my nose when dad gave me a raw hide. I wasn't hungry, so I decided to "hide" it for a rainy day. I placed it in a corner and began "covering" it with imaginary dirt by scraping my nose along the floor until I was satisfied that it was well "hidden". Somehow, I have no idea how cuz I did such a good job hiding it, mom found it and took it away from me upset at the sight of my nose.

I can't wait for my blue cone!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Shopping Spree Weekend

This ENTIRE weekend was filled with one of my favorite things (that I discipline myself on). SHOPPING!

Friday, just after work, I couldn't contain myself any longer and decided to leave work a little bit early and go to Nordstrom Rack. My how I love that place! I bought a total of 5 items (purse, skinny jeans, a pair of shoes, and 2 jackets. In total, I spent around $380. To see the great stuffs I got, check out this video.

Saturday was the long-awaited Mac & Beauty filled day with my sister and my good friend Gypsydancermacaholic. We had been trying to get together since last year and even before I went on my trip to Peru. We were so efficient (beauty-wise) going to the Mac Cosmetics store for makeup, then the Apple store to get Gypsy's laptop fixed (her "G" key popped off, we thought it could've been because Google has two Gs, but now that I think about it maybe it's because of her name), a quick trip to get Steph's eyebrows threaded (video to come later), a yummy Burmese lunch (Gypsy's suggestion), and finally back to the house to enjoy all our goodies and record the following haul video:

Yes, indeed, we bought a BUNCH of stuff. I also gave Gypsy a wooden llama with a silver bell around its neck from my trip to Peru. Horrifically, when she unwrapped it, the llama's little ear had broken off and was no where to be found. I try so hard to bring back unscathed nick knacks from Peru, but there's always one. Awhile later, while Gypsy and I were each on our laptops talking about video editing and youtube (yes, I've found my nerd soul mate), Gypsy heard my sister's dog Mokee chewing on something. I looked under the table where he was and saw a small dark piece of what looked like wood.

"Oh my god! Mokee found the missing ear!........But, he chewed it!"

We burst out into laughter at the sight of the now mauled wooden ear that we had so diligently been looking for only a little while ago. So now the llama has a name, "Holy-llama". (You know like Holyfield? Because Mokee did a Mokee Tyson on his ear?"

Ah what a fun weekend!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Poppin' Friday

Thank God it's Friday!!!! Inspired by the last day of the week, I decided to make my eyes POP with one of my favorite bold MAC colors (well, it's a fave out of my small collection). Newly Minted, with a little bit of Shimmermoss over it. I decided to flare up an otherwise demure and BORING outfit with some color and and a not-so-typical hairstyle for me.

I got the hair how-to after watching Pixiwoo on Youtube, recreating the Scarlett Johansson Red Carpet look.

After I was out the door, I realized that I completely forgot eyeliner!!!! The eyes are so wild, that they didn't seem to need any more... :)