Momz I Stalk!

Before you check these moms out, it might interest you to know that I subscribe to tons of mom blogs to help me in my own journey as a mom.

But these are the mom blogs that my mouse pointer seems to gravitate to faster in the mornings.  Why?  Well because through their stories and pictures they've been able to paint a portrait of themselves as real, down to earth moms.  I'm not really into all the give-aways, sponsors, or gimmicks as such (although I do subscribe to those as well).  But these ladies have something special, just by being themselves...

If I could strive to be like any mom, it would be her:

Great writing, great style, great mom. Period. (Oh and she's a Youtube mom too!)

So much creativity!

The Paper Mama

Great photos, great stories, great attitude!

A down to earth momma who juggles it all!

Me Unscripted

A plethora of furry children photos, and some non-furry ones too:  Dooce

Runs her blog kinda like a Twitter feed... and I like it!  Georgie Girl

Capturing the timeless moments:  Katie's Pencil Box

Inspirational, crafty, culinary, nature-lover with such cute furry babies!  Sarbear's Journey