Thursday, May 3, 2012

Busy Super Mom

I work an 8-5, and after my first son was born it started to evolve into more of a 9-5, without any managerial approval.  Yes, every workday morning you'd see me waltzing in an hour late.  Nobody would say anything because I work in a laid back environment or maybe they just understood.  I was part of the mom club now and had the right to use my children as an excuse for my tardiness and other failures in my life.

But that's not the standard I hold myself to, and truthfully I think I was just becoming so complacent in this laid back job environment.  So after my 2nd son was born and fresh off the heels of my second maternity leave, I made a mental effort to start getting to work earlier than 9.  You can now find me waltzing in only a 1/2-hour late.  LOL!

While others might still think I'm a failure, I really feel I've succeeded because I don't know how I manage to get myself dressed, apply makeup, change diapers, put on new clothes for two, brush an extra set of little teeth and hair, nurse, prepare milk in a sippy cup, defrost tonight's dinner, make at least three trips to load the car, and walk out the door all by 7:45 looking somewhat decent when I couldn't even manage that with 1 child before! The math just isn't adding up.   My Super-Mommy powers must have doubled with my second child!

But as with other super-heroes, I still cripple near Kryptonite:

*Walking the dog - He's such a chill dog that he doesn't ever display signs of cabin-fever so it's easy to choose another task when I'm in a time crunch
*Painting my nails - Remember when I wrote THIS post?  Ah those were the days.... Now look at me.
*Eye shadow - There just isn't enough time in the mornings, but there's always time for eyeliner!
*Keeping my car clean - It's pitiful really.  You would think it was an extension of my bedroom with the amount of my personal crap it's storing that doesn't even belong there. 

Too busy to think of a creative way to end this post! - Shirley

P.S. I know I misspelled misshapen on the pic above, but I'm too busy to fix it
P.S.S. OK maybe I'm not too busy, just too lazy
P.S.S.S.  Damn it!  I just broke a damn nail typing out these P.S.'s.  It'll probably be another day before I get around to filing it...  I'm just too busy.