Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Couch Dreemz


We're not sure what it is but for the past 2 nights, Diego has been screaming SHRIEKING when it's time to go to bed.  Diego co-sleeps with us while Mateo sleeps in the bassinet next to me (Don't ask my why we threw out all those dollars remodeling our home and creating a nursery/kid's room, if it was never going to be inhabited by little feet).

At around 10 o'clock we all retire to bed to catch the nap train that Mateo's already riding.  Lately - Diego has decided that he doesn't want to go to bed, he doesn't want milk, he DOESN'T EVEN WANT CANDY!  What does he want?  Well he's very specific, even without being able to say it:  he wants his father in the living room on the couch so that the two of them can sleep together there.  "No way!  I've got to work tomorrow." says Hubby. But he gives in the first night, not being able to resist his son's cries.

Before the second night arrives, we talk about it and I tell my spineless Hubby that he's going to have to grow a pair and be strong tonight.  "Lay down the law!"  He must know that what Daddy says, GOES.  45 minutes of gut-wrenching cries, shrieks for "Dada", "Mama", and "Cateh" (Couch?), and waking up Mateo to start a crying-in-unison game later, and I'm impressed that Hubby actually stood his ground.  Diego falls asleep crying.

It's too much for Hubby and he has a nightmare that same night.  In the morning, Hubs tells me, "I don't even want to think about tonight." 

That night Hubs is so tired, he temporarily falls asleep on the couch early with Diego (awake beside him).  I'm exhausted too, but I don't have the luxury of just napping any time I need it.  I wash everything (dishes, counters, clothes, even the baby) except my face (too exhausted) and I'm dying to go to bed.  Hubs walks to the bedroom and throws his equally tired body on the bed.  I observe Diego almost begin to start his newest tantrum, and I cut him off  (Mommy Intervention).  I scoop him up after asking him to give me a hug (he's a good hug-giver), ask him if he wants milk ("yeah"), and then I walk carrying him into our bedroom but not before I make a game out of him turning out the living room lights himself (as a Mama, you learn little tricks about what works on your child).  I place him next to his sleepy father and not a peep is made.

"I'm impressed," he says.

"About what?" I ask.  About how I cooked dinner and then washed everything but my face?  About how I changed everyone's diaper and got them ready for bed?  About how it is that I've been non-stop since 6 am this morning, and I know for sure that I'm going to have to wake up for a 1am and 3am feeding at the least?

"About how you stopped Diego from crying."

"Oh," was all I could respond.  Just that, huh?  THAT'S EASY when you don't spoil the crap out of your child and let him get away with murder (if you don't get it - I'm directing this sarcasm towards my hubby)!  But he won't get it. So I just roll over in bed, and catch the sleep train instead. Then the train hits a detour and Mateo jumps off the caboose about a quarter to 1am... and the ride's over for me.

My balls are bigger than yours, I just wear mine on my chest--- from Pinterest - Shirley


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Haha I love that quote!
Is Diego in a big boy bed yet? I'm dreading making the big switch. I think it will be soon though o_O