Friday, June 1, 2012

Fashion Friday: 06/01/2012

Linking up with Girlymama for Fashion Friday

This fashion Friday will be more of an Ode to Makeup.  Specifically my favorite eye makeup:  Urban Decay.  What's there more to say?  I love the dramatic colors, color payoff, and long wear of Urban Decay eye makeup.

As a testament, just look at my 24/7 Kohl Eyeliner that I've had before Diego was even born (2 1/2 years People!).  I use that stuff on my water line every day because every other makeup brand I tried would smudge by the end of the day, which bugged the crap out of me!  This doesn't.  It's truly the best eye pencil.  You know when you need to replace your eye pencil when the pencil is too small to fit in the sharpener and is smaller than its own cap!

Since it was time to order a replacement, I took the liberty give their liquid liner a try.  From all my photos, is it any question that I LOVE liquid eyeliner?  I wanted something dramatic instead of a boring black.  Inspired by this photo I decided to go with Siren.  Boy was I happy!

  Wishing you a fashionable weekend - Shirley