Friday, June 8, 2012

Fashion Friday 06/08/2012

When did the roles reverse before my very eyes?  At some point, instead of my little sister receiving my hand-me-downs, I am now receiving her hand-me-ups.  She's a shop-a-holic and thinks of me when she cleans out her closet.  I scored a mountain of stuff from her this week, and have been trying "new" outfits on for size as the week has gone by. I like to think of her as my personal stylist. Ha!

When I get a craving to shop, I've made a mental note to turn to thrift stores first before I turn to Nordstrom Rack or the internet to start saving a little money.  After all, I have two little mouths to feed, remodel bills to pay, and I find thrifting to be fun.  But with all these hand-me-ups, my sister has probably satisfied my craving for clothes-shopping for the next few months.  So instead, I went onto Etsy and ordered a beautiful turquoise necklace (not the one in the picture below - a different one).  Can't wait until it gets here!

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Sister's Forever 21 Shirt, and I added a little poof to my hair. 
Basically this whole outfit is my sister's including the Jessica Simpson flats.  The only thing mine is the necklace and my body of course!  I like the blazer, it's a satin-y material.
Again - Everything is my sister's except for the pants.
Not thrilled about today's outfit but it is comfy.  The shirt is from my sister's stash.  I used the no-heat sock bun method to curl my hair today.
My sleepy eyes can't hide the fact that I was up nursing the baby at least four times last night :(


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Love the orange striped top! LUCKY you!