Monday, June 4, 2012

Father's Day Gift Idea

Winning Shots

Ever since I saw a version of this idea on SubfertileFrugalista's Youtube channel last year, it was so awesome that I made a mental note to hold on until this year.  Why?  Because I had to put my own Shirley-spin on the idea and it HAD TO WAIT one year.  I'll explain:  the original idea used the same child in all the photos, but for me the numbers worked out great if I waited one year.  There are 3 letters in the word DAD, and last year for Father's day, I was still pregnant with my husband's 3rd child.  We had to wait for Matayto-Potato to be born.  It would just have to wait another year...

Runner Up
Now that the time has come AND I've been Instagram a lot lately, I wanted to have some more fun with this project and give it an Instagram twist.  I'm taking the winning Instagram photos and using to turn them into photo canvases (They print Instagram!).  I think canvases look so sleek and sophisticated and below is my favorite look using the Nashville Instagram filter: 

Enter "JuneSavings" coupon code for 20% off.  My three canvases were a little over $100 including shipping.

You can totally just print the photos and place them in frames for a more economically-friendly gift.  OR - you can make the photo canvas yourself!  There are a lot of tutorials on Pinterest.  Unfortunately, Matayto Potato hasn't given me much breathing room to enjoy my usual crafts, so I just need to leave this particular project to the professionals this time around.  

I joke that we definitely can't have any more children now.  Unless we make the canvases spell DADA or PAPA....


Hoping this gives you some Father's Day inspiration - Shirley (Instagram: @Goldendreemz)

PS. I'm also hoping Hubby doesn't suddenly decide to check out my blog for two weeks!