Monday, March 26, 2012

If these walls could speak...

If these walls could speak, they'd let out a great big sigh and say, "Ahhhhhhhh thank you for painting me!"

As of today, we are done with all the flooring in our house.  Almost all the painting is done too, except for the master bedroom which is currently being worked on.  This week, Hubby is going full speed ahead trying to finish as much as he can before he begins an intense project that won't leave him any spare time to continue any work on our house for at least a month.  I will take more detailed and "sophisticated" (aka: not cell phone pictures) next week when the work comes to a halt.

Truthfully, the work could stop now if it had to.  I'm happy with where we're at now.  Sure my kitchen still needs counters and appliances and my temporary sink only has two temperature settings:  Hot & Extremely Hot.  It doesn't matter.  I wanted to see paint on those walls, and damn it I got my wish, finally!  No more wall plaster!

Sleeping in the boy's new blue room until the end of this week! - Shirley


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Yay your nearing the finish line. Just in time to host a 'housewarming BBQ' this summer!