Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chinese, Coke, and a little bit of Psychological Trauma

Today, I was in a two-hour meeting that went through the lunch hour. I sat there in the conference room with my director and other folks analyzing and re-analyzing the same spreadsheet over and over again as part of prepping for an internal system audit.

The only good thing about lunch meetings is the catering. We spent $200 on Chinese food and barely made a dent in it (I'm psyched that I don't need to cook dinner tonight!). I had a little bit of everything and a Coke. Halfway through the meeting, I started to feel spasms in my stomach. At first I wrote off the twitching as something that was the result of the caffeine in the Coke, but as it persisted I started remembering those first feelings when Diego started kicking. I have to admit, I really wondered for a minute. But I've been very cautious and am taking the necessary prevention steps. I could always take a test, but honestly there's something about taking those tests that I hate. It's probably the memory of having taken the tests for 3 years with repeated disappointment. It's just weird that even now that I would want a negative result, I am still not interested in taking the test.

I guess I'm more sensitive than I would prefer myself to be. I'm still not going to take the test. It was the Coke... period.