Friday, October 8, 2010

Crawling our way there

"Oh no, once he starts crawling you are going to be so stressed! Enjoy him now while he can't go anywhere."

This is advice that many mothers have given me since I became a mother. But Diego's knack for stubborn, unyielding cries to be carried had tested my sanity patience (as well as his previous baby sitter's), and I longed for the day to come that he would be a self-mobile baby.

In my heart and mind, I knew that the cries would be alleviated the more mobile that he became. True enough, things have just gotten better and better (aka, less stressful for me) as he has graduated from rolling, to supported sitting, to scooting, to climbing, and now FINALLY crawling!

Yessiree! You read right. I am over the moon at this latest development which started early this week; a development that at times I was convinced would NEVER happen. I was beginning to believe that he would painfully and slowly grow directly into a biped before my very eyes. Thankfully, I have been blessed with a temporary, figurative quadruped to pass the time instead.

I continue to disregard each and every warning that any mother has ever given me on this topic. On the contrary, just as I knew in my heart, my once-wailing baby has become a smooth-sailing baby whose cries are now few and far between. I am now able to do things without those symphonic background melodies that caused the hairs on my arm to stand. While he's exploring his new sense of freedom, so am I.

Life is good.