Friday, October 8, 2010

Full House and Full Zoo Experience

Continuing my quest for a gazillion pictures before Diego turns one, my husband and I spent our family Sunday being a tourist in our own city and giving Diego his very first, among many future, trip to the San Francisco zoo.

Until now, I have loved my point-and-shoot camera and never saw the need to spend more money for an SLR camera. Don't get me wrong, I understand there is an AMAZING quality difference, but they all seemed so over-priced, hard to learn to use, and (being someone who hates to be weighed down) too bulky to be able to just pop in my purse. I know, I know, I'm just a pile of excuses aren't I?

Thousands of excuses later, all it took was a day with my sister's Nikon D90 camera, and now I am re-thinking my whole stance on the entire topic. It's not only the photo quality that's beginning to turn me, but the video capability as well. I love amateur video-editting; and that is why I am now vying for the Canon EOS 7D. Trying to curb my shopping addiction, I have decided that I will save my monies until December of this year and buy the camera at that point. I'm anticipating a little bonus check from my company to help with my purchase in December. For now, I will continue to borrow my sister's camera and get more used to the features and learn how to take better quality photos. I'll admit that I took these recent photos, treating the camera like a point-and-shoot, but even so I still noticed a difference.

I can't wait until December now. That way I can start the next year off with BANG! (sorry, I'm just a sucker for new tech gadgets since I don't buy them often)