Friday, November 5, 2010

Scary Halloween

Halloween has come and gone, and yet I didn't make a post. I had been so excited about Halloween, that by the time it came, I was literally exhausted! Little did I know, that night before I was in for a long night, and my exhaustion may have been a clue from my body that I was getting sick.

The story starts two days before Halloween on Friday, at my company party. It was a family-friendly party, which was fun and riddled with kids. How could I forget though, that with kids come GERMS?! Fast-forward to Saturday night (well actually Sunday morning around 1 am). Diego gets restless, so I move him to my bed in hopes of coddling him back to sleep. An hour goes by, and he never fully goes back to sleep. That's when the puking started. It got everywhere, on the bed, pillows, on my hair, etc. I was so worried. I just wanted him to get all the bad stuff out. Sunday (Halloween) morning the puking was over and Diego was in good spirits but now it was time for the "other end" to take a hit. I was constantly changing diapers throughout the day. Diego had gotten the stomach flu.

I hadn't gotten any sleep for two days because of his stomach flu, so when I started getting a headache and feeling nauseous, I thought it was because I was simply exhausted. My body was about to tell me EXACTLY why I was feeling this way. One by one this week, each member in my family has fallen to Diego's stomach flu. In order: Me, my husband, my sister's boyfriend, my father, my mother, and finally my sister. This bug was CRAZY!

In case your little ones ever get the stomach flu, the advice nurse suggested a diet of apples, rice cereal, and bananas for Diego, accompanied by some Pedialyte for 4-6 hours. She also said that he wouldn't be back to normal with respect to his diapers for 5-7 days. I'm still exhausted and still waiting for his full recovery. :(

Luckily, we did manage to have a good Halloween. We even carved a pumpkin!