Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mommy Me-Time

Yesterday I was pretty much done with the week and it was only Tuesday. I wanted to renounce my domestic diva duties for the rest of the week. Unfortunately we were out of kitchen staples such as rice, water, and toilet paper. This meant a dreaded trip to Costco, but I needed my hubby to come help me carry the huge bulk bag of rice. Unfortunately, these past couple of weeks, I've lost my hubby to a very big construction project and the Copa America Soccer games. So, it's been hard finding a time to go to Costco together.

I had no choice but to do the Costco thing on my own yesterday. When I got home I left all the crap groceries in the car and waited for my hubby to get home. As soon as he got home, he was greeted by me with a delicious home-baked Costco-baked pizza. After he ate, I told him that I was going to take a bath and that I expected him and my stepson to take all the groceries out of the car. I was very clear when I said that I expected everything to be put away and not just brought in the house (Yes - they need that kind of clarification on rudimentary chores).

I proceeded to draw my bath and saw my 1 1/2 year old's bubble bath solution on the counter. Hey, it's no luxury bubble bath solution, but bubbles are bubbles, and I poured some solution into the tub.

The bubbles were just what I needed as my body turned into jello and I drifted off into oblivion. All I could hear was the crackling of little bubbles in my ear. Subconsciously, I did not bother to listen to the sounds of my husband and stepson putting all the crap groceries away, or the sound of Diego crying because his dad started making a smoothie on the Magic Bullet and he wanted a sip before it was even made. I didn't hear anything except the sound of my own calm breathing.

I exited the bathroom and did not see many remnants of a Costco haul so I was very proud of the boys. I decided it was still "Me-Time" and tried out a new hair curling method that I saw on a blog to curl your hair without heat just by using an elastic headband.

I woke up this morning refreshed, revived, and with super curly hair. And then I was greeted with a pile of unwashed dishes..... It's a new day in domestic land, but the dishes didn't get the memo.


Jollyjess6 said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love the Aveeno baby bath time in the lavendar smell. I can't remember the exact title but its simply amazing. The curls turned out great! My hair is naturally curly but I wear it in a pony tail or bun 95% of the time.

Sarbear said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Good for you for taking time out for yourself! :) Love that you used toy story bubble bath.

Heck, everyone is trying that hair thing and I've yet too. Maybe this weekend. It looks lovely.