Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Project Four-Zero: 15 Weeks!

"Diabetus" - that is my new nickname according to my joker sister.  Not DiabEETEEZ.... but DiabEETUS.  I have to admit, I stop in an unsuppressed chuckle to myself when she uses it.  "Diabetus - can you pass me the salt?"; "That purse belongs to Diabetus";  or after I put my drink down at my dad's retirement party:  "Hey, that's Diabetus' cup!"

I know it's no laughing matter, and any type of diabetes is serious.  But when I hear the word "Diabetus" said in country terms, I automatically see Bret Michaels in my head, and I can't stop laughing.

I continue to experience high fasting levels, and I have an appointment this week to see what's going on.  I'm afraid that the next steps may include going back to 4 prickings a day or some type of medication which I DO NOT want to do while pregnant.  Maybe they will just be more strict about my diet.  In a previous post, I had a freakout moment when my meter reader was giving me completely different results on 3 prickings within a minute of each other.  The doctor said it was normal and that those meters are not 100% accurate.  She said to just jot down the first number you get, otherwise you'd be over-pricking yourself and driving yourself crazy.  She said that they don't really look at the daily numbers, they look for the trend.  If the trend is high, then we have a problem.  But if the trend is low, then we're OK.  I feel a high fasting trend unfortunately and I'm not sure what this will mean for me.

More of my worrisome nature came back at me this week when Diego pushed a little too hard on my stomach while crawling on me the other day.  I felt myself starting to freak out like I did at the beginning of the pregnancy when I thought I might miscarry again.  Did he hurt the baby?  Is the baby still alive?  How and when will I know?  The familiar unwanted feeling was too much deja vu for me, so I pushed the thoughts aside and tried to forget them.

I've tried to stay positive this week.  I bought myself a fancy new lunch bag to inspire me to pack healthy food for my lunch and snacks at work.  I also had to schedule a few more appointments here and there and one of them included the "Gender" ultrasound appointment.  I'll know by July 25th, which is definitely something to be excited about!   I was a little bummed because I could know earlier than that according to science, but not according to my work schedule.  Grrrr.  I hate meetings, especially those that conflict with Gender Day!

PS. Week 15's photo has made me into a hypocrite.  I always poked fun at Mariah Carey for her signature pose.  Is that the only pose she knows how to do?  And then what do I do?  I go ahead and use it for my Week 15 shot.  Of course I would... Maybe she likes it because it's a good pose to show off a belly; or in her case the lack-there-of.


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So soon for gender day, but I'm sure it feels like an eternity. Lookin' good mama!