Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Four-Zero Project: 24 Weeks!

This weeks' photo session was inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest.  Did I mention how easily addicting that website can be?  What do you think of how the photo came out?  It was hard for me to make my belly stand out in the shot.  Either this girl is well into her 3rd trimester or my body type isn't so good for this angle of a shot.  Nonetheless, I would like to give credit to Pinterest (& Kipper Photography in the photo below) right now for giving me so many ideas for Project Four-Zero shots.  Without it, I would never have these memories of my potentially last pregnancy.  I already have a few more shots lined up inspired by Pinterest!  I've been "Pinspired!"

I had great blood work results this week.  My results went down from 5.9 (the original death blow score that landed me in gestational diabetes Hell) to 5.2 (well below the cutoff of 5.6)!  I was very happy about this news.  My diet is working. 

As I get deeper into the pregnancy, I also get deeper into our house construction.  As of right now, I have no kitchen or living room.  Life is inconvenient, and I have pregnancy hormones that I try to control every now and again before ripping my husband's head off.  He loves me, understands me, and takes my crap.  But most of all, he's trying his best to get us through this construction swiftly and sanely.

Just the other day he took me grocery shopping for "easy" food since I won't be able to cook for a week or two.  It was what I considered a once in a lifetime opportunity as we don't typically eat pre-prepared meals.  I went a little insane and bought microwaveable hot pockets, lasagna, alfredo pasta, white castle burgers, waffles for the toaster, sandwich fixin's etc.  Of course we bought all this under the premise that there is a 16 year old boy in our house who needs to eat too.  But who am I kidding?  This week is going to be a step backwards in terms of gestational diabetes unless I can control myself around our newly-stocked fridge.  I'll probably have to depend on my mother for some "real" food.

Uncomfortable sleeping (lots of tossing and turning)


Did you not see all the crap we bought at the grocery store???


Jollyjess6 said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Are you going to enter Christina's pinterest challenge? I have 2 projects in mind for it :)

I really like how the picture turned out. Your Four-Zero Project is something I'm thinking about doing for the next baby.

Sarbear said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love how the photos turned out and am excited to see which other ones you have lined up. :)

Shirley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@jollyjess6 A lot of the Pinterest crafts I want to do are for the house, which is hard because of the remodel right now. But I did think of one, so yes I just might enter the challenge. You should SO do Project Four Zero! For the sweet memories :)