Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 23: Silencio

It is my last night in Lima before my trip back to the US. I´ve been hanging out in the city, finalizing errands and of course going out and having a good time. It´s been a very long vacation and I´m worn out. Since I´m pre-occupied packing, I will leave you now with some images of the city:

The construction that I´ve mentioned is an effort that´s going on throughout the city.

The simple slogan for all this construction... (Constructing)

I found this interesting: That´s not how you spell SWAT. SWAT stands for Special Weapons and Tactics... What can this stand for?

PUH-lease!!! Have they NOT read my blogs!

Silencio my, you-know-what!

This is a stand that usually holds a Peruvian Police Woman during rush hour. They are all advertised using Inca Kola. Javier no longer wants to drink Inca Kola ever since Coca Cola bought it. (PS. They use women because apparently women are respected more during traffic)
A famous stadium in Peru. The advertisement is for the Panamerican games which will be hosted in Peru in 2015. (The image of the sun is an ice cream company subsidiary of Nestle, that Javier also does not want to support. He says they are monopolizing the market in Peru... I say, you can´t boycott ice cream!!!)

This is Calle de los Pizzas (Pizza Street). It´s a popular hang out on weekend nights. It´s one short street and all they sell is pizzas. On the second floor of most of these buildings, there are karaoke bars or clubs. We hung out on Saturday night and ate some pizza. We sang Karaoke with Javier´s cousins. I was going to sing Robbie Williams´ ¨I´m Loving Angels Instead¨so that I could have better memories of that song in Peru, but they didn´t have it. Instead I sang the Eagles´Hotel California, missing my roots. It was my first time singing Karaoke other than playing ¨SingStar¨with Will and Stephanie on the Playstation. No windows broke, so that was good...

Finally, this is the ring that I made inspired by my mother in-laws first ring. I have now graduated! I don´t know if I will remember everything, but I´ll definitely play around some when I get back to the states.

Ciao for Now!!!!