Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 5: Paint Ball and Jewelry Making

My stomach is feeling much, much better these days. I let my mother inlaw know that I was not feeling well, and I blamed the Coca candy to spare her feelings about food. Honestly, I´m not sure what was doing me in, but I think it was the Caldo de Gallina from Mi Caracochita. Anyway, it never got bad enough to need meds, so I just ate lightly for a day & 1/2.
I suggested to my husband that he take his son to play some paintball. I thought it would be great for father/son bonding. Unfortunately, they dragged me along too. But not to worry... I didn´t actually play. Instead I donned a helmet and entered the fighting ring like the media in Iraq... just to take photos and document the event. Don´t get me wrong, I still did my share of running and dodging (they didn´t give me the army fatigues, so I was protecting my cute outfit.) It was hard to see clearly with that helmet on, so as I captured some footage, I noticed in the viewfinder of my camera, that my husband´s riffle was starting to point to me, inch-by-inch. I was so into filming, that I hadn´t noticed that his son had run behind me for protection.
¨Don´t shoot! Don´t shoot! ¨ I screamed as I threw my hands up in the air.
Thank God my husband knew what was best for him, and he did not pull his trigger.
By the time we got home I was dying because of a blister on my foot. Because I am not a heavy sandal wearer, I tend to blister easily if I don´t wear socks. All the walking, running, and ducking took it´s toll on my foot. I realized when I got home, that I did not bring any band aids. That is the first item that I forgot to pack. You know you´re always going to forget to pack something. For me so far it is: band aids, night cream, a nail clipper (my nails look horrible), tweezers and enough shorts. Other than those few items, I´m doing OK. I don´t know what I´m going to do about the tweezers though. I don´t want my brows getting bushy. If it comes down to it, I think I´ll give threading a go. One of the many things that I´ve learned to do because of Youtube.
This morning I awoke to the house being practically empty. They were all going to the hospital again and I stayed this time because it didn´t make any sense for me to wait for them outside again. Alone in the house I was able to get some stolen moments with my addiction: Youtube. Ahhh. I was able to get my fix and catch up with a few of my subscriptions before everyone got back.
When they finally got back it was lunch time and again with the large portions. My mother inlaw cooked Escabeche de Pollo (A chicken with sliced red onions in vinegar and a purplish chili) This is one of my favorite plates so I didn´t have a problem with it, though it took me some time to finish.
Afterwards, I decided to work on perfecting my tan. Man, it was a hot day. When I´d had too much sun, I sat in the shade and my mother inlaw brought out her jewelry making arsenal. She had noticed a necklace I had been wearing on the first day and told me that she had enrolled in a class to learn how to make jewelry. Though I mostly work with wire, any kind of jewelry making fascinates me so today she taught me how to make bracelets. Here are the two that I made. What do you think?
The wooden one is more my style. I think that when I get home, I can mix this techique and wire together to make some awesome jewelry combinations. I asked my mother inlaw to show me how to make that orange ring last. She said it was the most complicated. Therefore, after I make a ring, I will have graduated!