Thursday, February 25, 2010

10 Valentines' Ago

Even though Valentine's Day has already passed, I thought I'd share a quick little hallmark. My husband has a billboard where he had been posting all of Diego's ultrasound photos. Awhile ago, I noticed that he posted a Valentine's Day card that I gave to him 10 years ago when we were 9 months into dating. It was my first Valentine's Day with a real Valentine.

In the card, I was very wordy and sappy to be honest. I started thinking about this card, its age, and everything that has happened since. I wished I could go back in time and tell the me that was writing in that card that 10 whole years later, we would be welcoming our first child together. But not without a lot of trying times in the relationship as well as in the baby-making process first.

I bought my husband a new Valentine's Day card this year. As I worked on writing another sappy message I thought about how maybe 10 years from now it will be posted on a billboard somewhere. I wonder what the future me would tell me today if she had the chance...