Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some"sling" we had to do

It's been a month since that little hairless dog came to live with us. Since then mom's been very tired and the hairless dog goes wherever she goes. Mom and dad keep putting him near me, but I can care less about him. Plus, he kind of smells funny and he whines too much. I don't think he's house-trained yet either. Mom doesn't expect him to go the bathroom in the backyard like me and Mokee. I made sure my voice was heard by taking a stand. One morning while everyone was sleeping, I grabbed a clean bag of pampers and ripped it apart in the living room. There was cotton everywhere! It was very satisfying. Mom came upstairs in the morning and looked upset, but didn't yell. All she said was, "I'm not talking to you today," and proceeded to clean the living room. She's been trying her best not to alienate me.

As such, we all went on a day trip to Big Sur on Valentine's Day. We went hiking on one of dad's favorite pet friendly trails. I had a great time hiking and I came back brown after reaching the river and sitting in it for awhile before heading back to the car. Since the hairless dog, Diego, was "too weak" to hike with us, mom stayed behind in the car with him. What kind of dog still can't walk after a month? I'm going to have to sniff to the bottom of this and figure out what's going on with him.

I guess Mom is getting tired of holding Diego all the time. The other day she attempted to cook a Peruvian dish with only one hand. Although she succeeded, it was a rather slow process. She said, "It's time for a sling." When grandma came over to watch Diego, mom went to a few stores to look for a sling. She decided that Babies R Us is waaaay too overpriced, even with a 20% off coupon; plus all their slings were too "girly". Marshalls didn't even have any slings. She ended up buying an Eddie Bauer sling from Target for $35. Diego is a long and lanky thing just like my mom, so she's worried he won't fit in it for very long. Other than that, once she put him in the sling, she suddenly felt free and mobile. She yelled, "Freedom!" She said it was the best $35 she's spent in a long time. Then she whisked away to do laundry, dishes, and organize around the house.

It was some"sling" that was necessary at this point.