Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Unbirthday!


A bright orb in the sky shot it's light rays through my window this morning. After weeks of heavy rain, drizzlies, and fog it was a welcome change. Diego was sleeping by my side making his usual grunts indicating that it was almost feeding time. As I got up to begin my morning pumping and enjoy the vitamin D in the form of UV rays, I thought about what a difference today was in comparison to the day Diego was born (cold, rainy, and windy).

Today was Diego's "unbirthday". For 9 months, I had but one date on my mind: February 13th, 2010, the day before Valentine's Day. I was almost certain he would be born either on or around that date. I never imagined that he'd actually come much, much sooner on 1/20/2010.

He is now almost 1 month old on his unbirthday (1/2 a week away) and these are his milestones:
  • His umbilical cord fell off (I threw it away, to my mother's dismay)
  • He can now lift his head up when he's on his stomach
  • He has found his inner voice (and it's loud!)
  • His newborn outfits are fitting a bit snug, so he has graduated to 0-3month clothing. He's filling out; his new nickname is "cheeks".
  • He's already shown to be a ladies man: He was invited to a 5 yr old girl's birthday party which happened to be today (he's not going unfortunately because he's too young to be around the germies). He also had company a couple weeks ago; a 6 week old cougar (j/k) named Zoe who had come over so that my sister could take photos of her. They hit it off well.
As a new mom, I've been dealing with Diego's diaper rash and constipation. There was a day when he was fussing so much for food, but he had depleted my milk supply. I decided to give him 2 oz. of formula provided to me by his pediatrician. Bad idea - he was constipated for a day and half. His body was not used to the "new stuff".

I'm still getting used to all the "new stuff" too. And I'm chugging along OK. I figure as long as he's warm, fed, diaper is changed, and he gets his love and attention, things can't be so bad right? So happy "unbirthday" to you... my son!