Monday, March 28, 2011

Bowling to Hook up... Nope, Bowling to Bowl

This past Friday, we decided to do some Astro-Bowling for family night. It was late and the music was loud, which scared Diego at first. He wasn't sure what to make of the flashing disco balls on the ceiling, but all he knew was that he LIKED THEM!

For the most part he was a well-behaved boy... until he saw the bowling alley.

Daddy almost broke his back reeling Diego back into the "Safe, non-waxed zone"

As the night got later, my husband and 15 yr old son decided to play pool.
When Diego got restless, we sat on a couch and he fell asleep. The couch was in front of a group of girls who had come in to bowl after us.

Then, a guy from the next lane over, wearing a "The Hangover" t-shirt started asking me questions about Diego. He said he was expecting soon and this was his last night out.

He came back about 20 mins later and asked me I had any friends I could "hook them up with". Not only did I find it comical that this guy was asking a woman with a baby if she could "hook them up" with friends, but I also found it odd that only minutes before, he told me that he was expecting a baby of his own. It's so weird to think that even if I did have any single friends, that I would even go that far. I don't think so!

I soon realized that he thought I was with the group of girls in front of me, and wanted to get to know those girls. Once I told him that I was not with them, he walked over to initiate conversation with them.

I'm so glad I'm out of that scene. I have a husband, a family, that's all I need...