Saturday, October 13, 2012

10 Months!



Do you hear that?  


It's the sound of SILENCE between the hours of 9 pm-5am in our household again!  Hooray!  It took 10 months, but it finally arrived.  I made it through in one piece, People!!!!  Where is my "I SURVIVED A SLEEPLESS BABY AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS T-SHIRT" -t-shirt?

Other Tater Tidbits:
  • It only got worse before it got better on sleeping through the night.  I think you were teething because it lasted about a week, and now suddenly you're sleeping well.
  • When you DO wake up at 5am, Mama gives you a 6 oz bottle and you FALL BACK ASLEEP until about 7:30.  You mean I actually have TIME to get ready in the morning too????  I LOVE you, Tater!
  • You learned to crawl 5 days into your 10th month!  And now you've perfected crawling on the slippery hardwood floors, but you STILL HIGHLY PREFER WALKING (with someone's help)
  • You rejected your pacifier on Day 1 of your 10th month.  Thank goodness I took this shot before it was too late.
  •  You learned to pull yourself up to the standing position on your own. (using various props like chairs and human legs)
  • You are more demanding at feeding time.  I've learned that you really, really want finger foods and you will cause a scene if you don't have anything in your hand.  So now I give you a cracker or a piece of bread to munch on while I try to sneak in some spoon feeding in between your snacking.
  • Your separation anxiety is still strong and kickin'
  • While your brother Diego is going through his terrible twos, you've decided to invent the terrible-tens.  Have you ever met a baby who will throw himself on the ground when he doesn't get what he wants?  Meet Tater!!!

Mama's Tidbits
  •  Totally failing at my stair exercise at work
  • My body is a trained monkey - I still briefly wake up around 2 am.  I need to STOP that madness!
  • Although grateful for my inlaws' support, Mateo's separation anxiety still drains me daily.  I can't imagine the zombie that I would be if I didn't have their help.

Bonus Pic - The mustache pacifier gets its last bits of lovin' due to Diego's curiosity.

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Sara said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Yay sleep! That amount of sleep sounds absolutely amazing right now. I can't believe little man is 10 months already. Crazy how time flies.

Jessica Jollyjess said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

10 months, already?! I tried putting myself on a stair only regime at work and it didn't last long, I need to attempt that one again!