Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bridge Over Troubled Water

As a mom with a toddler with speech development issues, I make it my goal to try and understand every little mumble or "ha" or "hmm" that comes out of my son's mouth.  His speech development has progressed well these past weeks and I've been dissecting and analyzing his speech patterns to the point of over-analysis. 

I'm SUPPOSED to know what he's saying as a mom.  I'm supposed to know that he doesn't always pronounce the beginning of words so "Cool buths" means school bus and "i" means fly, "ish" means fish and "og" means frog.

But then there some words that come out clear as day like "eattt" and "sitttt" in which he clearly pronounces the ending letter "T".  And most recently he blurted out "B!tch, B!tch, B!tch" over and over again.  I was shocked to the point of no words, desperately trying to find alternatives to what I THOUGHT he was saying in my head.

"B!tch, B!tch, B!tch," he continued this for a week.  Until one day, he finally pointed to the "b!tch" and thank goodness that he wasn't pointing at me!


The very next day, I asked him to say "throw" to which he responded with "Ho!".  I think my son has a little "gangsta" in him.... B!tches and Hoes.....

Crossing THAT b!tch - Shirley

Watch last week's vlog if you're into B!tches and Hoes ;)