Monday, October 29, 2012

Dino Tales


I was quite nervous yet excited to see Diego in his costume this year.  I've had dreams of having the kid that wants to go everywhere in their costume even past Halloween.  Once I saw a little princess at the dog park in December, and thought "Hey it's not Halloween anymore".  My mind started to process how that mom's morning must've went.  "OK sweetie, we're going to take Fido out for a walk; let's get dressed!"

"Princess! Princess! Princess!"

How friggin' sweet...

But my first son has already shot so many of my other dreams down for now like fun trips to the beach (hates sand and water).  And with his terrible-twos mood swings lately I needed to find him in the perfect mood to show him his costume, lest Halloween be damned for eternity!

To my delight, he adopted his costume like a cute lost puppy! His favorite part of the costume is the tail since he always points to the tails of his dino figurines.  I also tried to find him a one piece because I thought the extra accessories would get no love.  Boy was I wrong.  Diego liked the extra parts so much, that he stole parts of Mateo's Triceratops costume and turned his own T-rex into a hybrid:  Tyran-a-tops!   The past few days I've helped him put on, then take off his costume at least a dozen times.

It's been a constant, "Mama!  Tail! Tail!" followed by "No tail!" an hour later.

This is the second time he's delighted me this month.  Once at the pumpkin patch and now with his costume.  Either Halloween is on track to be his favorite holiday or -

It's time to give the beach a try again!  Shirley


Jessica Jollyjess said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I LOVED the costumes. E was a dino last year. He is so obsessed with Dino Dan and dinos now it made me really want to do it again. I think I really have a thing for vibrant green!