Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trip Highlights

It's taken me weeks to get my bearings after our vacation.  But the amazing news is that I was completely unpacked the day that we got home.  I KNOW!  Amazeballs!

Any-who, I wanted to share some of my fave pics (but my iPhone went into a coma after an unfortunately pool accident- long story but it's fixed now) from this trip, and write down my favorite highlights of the trip.  It's the small things that I enjoy most.

  • Diego speaking Spanish.  "Subese, Subese!"  [Get in, get in] whenever we piled into a taxi.  Asking me for "otro" [another one]
  • My husband's pissed off face from the second floor balcony holding up chunky Mateo to show me that Tater had climbed the stairs with Diego and creeped into his room while he was sleeping (I know this was totally dangerous, but now that it's said and done and Tater was fine I think it was hilarious).
  • Playing at SO MANY parks and visiting so much family that by the end Diego was referring to any kid at the park as his "Baby-cousins"
  • Diego inside a pool.  Say what?!
  • Mateo trying to hug any mangy mutt or bird within 10 feet.  (he takes after his mama!)
  • 8 older kids trying to kick Diego off the spinny-thing at the park.  When explained that Diego wanted to "go fast" they said "ohhhhhhhh!" and all had fun afterwards.
  • Mateo leaning over to touch a cockroach, and Diego practically had a heart-attack.  "No Brother.  No!!!!!!!!!!!  No, touch!"  He believes he saved his brother's life.  I agree.

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-Shirley  (Instagram:  justshirley08)