Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ladies' Men


I'm probably blinded by a mother's love, but I think my boys are handsome and it seems that the mini-Peruvian ladies think so too. But MAN is it ever time for me to start teaching these boys some values!

If I could judge these boys by what I've seen during this trip - and I can, because I'm the Mama -I'd describe Diego as the gigolo, using ladies for what they can do for him (like putting his shoes back on after a good trampoline-jumping session) and Mateo would put the nail in the coffin of chivalry (blatantly taking things from the ladies and letting them fend for themselves!)


Alright, so maybe I'm jumping to conclusions but I can already hear the future comments. He was a good kid, but he had mother issues (because you KNOW they're going to blame the mother!)

So I need to make sure that these boys don't have mother-issues...

They're gonna LOVE me, damn-it! -Shirley