Monday, January 28, 2013

Aquatic Miracle


When we're not out discovering new children's parks in Peru, we're either eating or playing in the pool. I knew that Diego would be a tough cookie when it came to getting in the water during this trip. He barely put his feet in the first day, opting to kneel over the pool and splash with his hands instead.

But by day two, he must've had some type of miraculous internal revelation. While I played with Tiny Tater in the water, Diego slowly made his way into the third step of the pool without any prodding from his mama. He was fully-clothed, but I didn't let that stop him.


It's a well-known scientific fact that oil and water don't mix, but Diego goes beyond that. It's like when two negatively-charged magnets repel each other and refuse to touch. If you were to throw Diego into the ocean, the water would repel away and he'd be standing there completely dry like Moses parting the Red Sea! You probably know me not to be religious. It goes to show the miracle captured in the picture above; so much that it warranted my shoddy use of a biblical reference.

Miracles DO Happen! - Shirley