Monday, January 14, 2013

13 Months!

Hard to believe that it's only been a month since you hit your 1 year milestone. Since then the most significant change for me is that you've FINALLY become more confident walking on hard surfaces without my help! Now that my days are more "hands-free", I enjoy executing mommy tasks much more peacefully: like cooking dinner.

The other day I was drifting off into one of "said" cooking trances, when your brother crawled by on the floor pushing along his yellow dump truck. Then you appeared trailing after him pushing along a blue truck. I just loved it. I love how you two play with each other now (plus you keep yourselves entertained and keep me out of the equation).

That truck scene confirmed to me that fate had made the right decision by completely discounting my desires for a girl and handing me another son as my second child. There, I said it ok... Fate was right.

I was wrong.

Does fate want a cookie? (because I can whip one up much more peacefully now! Ha!)

  • You know how to drink out of a straw. Say what? When did that happen?
  • You love blowing on a flute and blowing bubbles
  • You do this clicking sound with your mouth and point to the kitchen counter. Can you be any more clear that you're hungry?
  • You fight me tooth and nail when I try to put on your shoes (and I think it's ironic that all your shoes have laces -which are not conducive when someone is fighting you tooth and nail - and yet it's your older brother whose shoes use velcro straps.  Where did I go wrong?)
  • You don't fight me when I put on your puffy jacket: it means we're going out! And boy are you ever the man about town!
  • You imitate sounds of airplanes flying as you soar a toy plane in the air
  • You try to copy sounds that we say occasionally
  • I handed you a brush and you skimmed the top of your head with it numerous times
  • You bring books to me and then want me to pick you up onto my lap and read them to you, but your attention span is pretty short
  • You love to dance to music and Grandpa enjoys playing Peruvian music or salsa to watch your moves
  • You also always dance to the Yo Gabba Gabba theme song.
  • You and your brother fight occasionally, and when you do you hold your own. Pushing him, biting him, and pulling his hair. I can already tell, your future wrestling matches are going to give me gray hairs!
  • You always set your lips in an O-shape like you are permanently making the "ooooo" sound. I think it's your version of a frown because it's usually followed up with an unhappy ooooo noise. And most times I see you making that face when you're restraining your smile. Don't do that, you have such a beautiful, dimply smile!
Trying to restrain his dimples with O-shaped lips.  Doing a bad job.  Those dimples are potent!