Monday, January 28, 2013

In-flight Survival

Travel With Toddlers

OMG I'm alive and well. My mini apocalypse came and went, and it turns out that the Earth is still here and so am I! (Although I'm now on a different hemisphere). I'll post more about what we've been up to, but for now I wanted to exclaim how amazing it was for me that the secret children's Benadryl, stashed in a TSA-approved bottle in my pocket, stayed in my pocket for 10 hours in flight. It got a little "if-y" during the last couple of hours, but I made it through.

There was really no way for me to simulate an airplane flight so that I would know how Mateo would react. As it turns out, he barely acknowledged that the plane had an aisle - the thing I was most worried about due to my past experience with Diego, Mr. "I must walk up and down the aisle for 7 hrs on a red-eye flight to the Bahamas or I will throw a fit and wake all the passengers."

The flight was also empty enough that Mateo did not have to be a lap-passenger - the second thing that I was most worried about. The boys probably slept only 2 hours in flight during this daylight flight. I don't know exactly how long, because I immediately dozed off too as soon as the opportunity presented itself. I woke up to hear Mateo's cries and judging by the movie that was playing on my screen, we couldn't have been asleep for that long.

I really don't know how I survived the other 8 hrs. I think it just had to do with Diego being older and Mateo being a more tolerant baby than Diego was. In any case, we're here in Peru now enjoying the hot weather and I'm already sun-burned. I'm making the most of this trip now knowing that the second mini apocalypse might occur in a couple of weeks during the flight back home. That one will be a red-eye.

Lord help me if it's anything like the past Bahamian red-eye - Shirley