Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashion Friday 18 Jan 2013

I haven't done one of these in awhile.  I've honestly not been feeling very fashionable.  But I find that taking pictures of myself (so vain!) in my outfits has really helped me see what does and doesn't work on me.  It's also helped me stick to a healthy diet this week.  Today is Friday aka: Forgotten-Fast-Food-Friday (sadface).

Instead of my usual McDonald's treat, my mom has offered me a home-cooked meal when I drop Diego off after his speech therapy.  I'll take it!

I bought the blouse below for $13 on clearance at Target.  I don't usually wear blouses, but I'm trying to add some variety here.  I added one of my favorite rustic neclaces and didn't bother to do my hair a messy bun.  I liked the change for a day.

Then there's the pic below.  I totally didn't want to get dressed that morning.  Do you have those comfy go-to pants that you always gravitate towards?  For me it's these old, worn-in Paige jeans.  But now that I took this pic, they're obviously too warn-in.  Time for a new pair of go-to jeans!  These can stay as house-loungers until I eventually throw them out.  In order to dress up this blah-outfit, I added an arm-patched blazer recently gifted to me from my sister's cleaned-out closet.  I just love the arm-patch detail!


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