Thursday, January 10, 2013



I meant to post this earlier.... I guess I'm having a hard time committing.  LOL

I still believe in resolutions or goals, even though the rest of the bandwagon scoffs at them.  I still believe in resolutions even though I failed miserably at my goals for 2012.  I totally underestimated my son's terrible two's stage, I underestimated my new life as a mom of two, and I underestimated just how much the house remodel sucked out of my piggy bank.

So this year I'm trying to be more realistic, and I'm treating my personal goals the same as my work goals.

I'm using a similar format to write them and each time that I have a check-in with my manager this year, I will follow up with a personal check-in.  I'm also keeping it short.  Just the high-priority goals.

Here goes:

  • I will be more financially responsible
    • I will pay down my debt by at least 30% by the end of 2013. I will use at least 50% of any bonus or tax return money to help pay off the debt.
    • I will join the ASPCA (or other) charity by April and use part of my bonus money to provide a significant donation
    • I will create my priority wishlist of items (excluding clothes/shoes, because, well - come on... you know I would never be able to get to the other stuff on the list!) for 2013 and buy only things on the list for myself throughout the year (about once a month) if there's financial wiggle room.
  • I will get fit (lose the baby fast-food-friday pouch and tighten the glutes)
    • I will walk down and then up at least 9 flights of stairs daily at work, when my work schedule permits
    • I will run on the treadmill at least once a week.  (If I fail at this because of the kids, then by April I will buy a double-jogger and take them with me)
    • I will do sit-ups and lunges at least twice a week.
    • I will eat more healthy:  I will drink more water instead of juice and eat healthy snacks like multigrain crackers and cheese, nuts, and fruit. 
  • I will be more healthy with my cooking and provide more variety in my menus.
    • I will take at least 4 cooking classes throughout 2013
    • I will make more side-dishes of veggies, beans, or grains when it supplements the dinner menu.
    • I will make things that I've never made before (casseroles, meatloaf, etc) or try to perfect things that just never taste right for me (e.g., beef chow mein - how the heck do cheap restaurants do it???)
    • I will institute Meatless Mondays for dinner
    • I will incorporate less rice in dinner, and if I do make rice, I will only serve myself 1 cup. period.
Diego and Mateo (aka: I) have a couple goals too:
Diego:  Get potty trained by the end of 2013
Mateo:  Encourage speech (reading, talking, imitating, etc)

I have other goals like blogging, putting more thought into my wardrobe, and starting up one of my hobbies again, but I feel like those will happen without any significant push needed, so for now I will focus on the three main goals above.

Do you have any resolutions this year?

Wish me luck and good luck to you! - Shirley