Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Universal New Year

Happy New Year!  I took a little break from this ol' blog because I had over a week off from work, and believe it or not, blogging is impossible when I'm home (-kids.)!  So what did I do this week?  I could've just relaxed, but with me that's not realistic.  I had planned to fix and organize my walk-in closet (what a mess!), do some crafting, get my brakes checked, a little retail therapy, and I really wanted to soak in the tub for once and just relax (It's probably been a year since I've used my tub).  I did almost everything except for the crafting and tub-soaking (of course!), but that's OK because we ended up taking a 6-hour road trip to Los Angeles where we celebrated the New Year at Universal Studios Hollywood!   

I really expected at least one of my kids to be asleep during New Years, but then again these are MY kids we're talking about, so you know that they were wide awake.  Diego loved it each time a person in the crowd screamed, "Wooooo!" and he would copy them.  Mateo wanted to walk around and flirt with girls and he clapped along with the crowd at the end of the fireworks extravaganza.  By the time we reached the hotel, Mateo was a log.  I have NEVER been able to take him out of his carseat without waking him, until that night.  What a great way to start off the new year!

Here are some pic of our LA trip.  :)

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How was your New Year? - Shirley