Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Recap!

I'm saying goodbye to 2012 with a big smile on my face.  Sayonara!  I really did enjoy this past year, but it was also EXHAUSTING learning how to be a mother of two, taking care of a baby ALL OVER AGAIN but this time with a toddler, still dealing with the tail-end of a major house remodel, and dealing with constant sleep deprivation and terrible two's.  We made it though!  And I'm proud that although I was running on empty most days, I still managed to somehow make wonderful memories with my family (or I'd have you believe with these pictures!). 

I wonder what 2013 has in store for us.  I hope a little more sleep at least.  Just a smidgen...

My first full month into being a mom of two, I struggle on how to juggle the kids.
Diego copes well with having a little brother
We celebrate Diego's 2nd birthday with an Angry Bird Birthday party and he gets a shiny, new Kindle Fire

I don't adjust well to the sleep deprivation that Mateo is putting me through.
I buy a SwaddleMe and surprise! It helps a lot, but still not enough
We take Diego on his first real train ride
We take a four hour roadtrip to the snow in Lake Tahoe and Mateo practically cries the entire time
Diego starts his speech therapy

The Hubs forces me to go on a much needed adult-only weekend to wine country.  Although it tore at my heart to leave my boys behind, I realized how much I needed it after my second glass of wine.
I am elated that there is paint on our walls, finally!
I take both boys on our first solo outing, difficult but successful

Our master bedroom is finally complete and we begin sleeping in it!
I try transitioning Mateo to bottled breastmilk with little success until I find Tommee Tippee Bottles
I go back to work... Booo!

Diego starts stringing two words along
I celebrate my 3rd Mother's Day
Mateo starts eating solids and can't get enough!

I get an awesome Father's Day gift idea which starts my obsession with making these.
Sleep troubles arise in our household when Diego starts freaking out at bedtime refusing to leave the couch, and I bite the bullet and move Mateo from the bassinet in my room to the crib in the nursury
Mateo turns 6 months but still isn't sleeping through the night, sigh

We go on a trip to Cancun, Mexico sans Mateo and airtravel with Diego is much better than the last trip, thanks to the Kindle!
I return from this trip with reduced lactation and fail to stimulate it back to regular volume
Mateo starts walking forwards in his wheeled walker and his sleeping is improving, but not quite there yet
Diego starts counting

Mateo says "Mama" and I feel like I've won the Olympics!
Diego starts letting out more words too, his favorite is "Shark" which sounds more like "Chuck"

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Mateo turns 9 months and has crazy separation anxiety for me
He starts crawling
I completely dry up so he is switched to formula
My inlaws come to stay with us for a couple months to help me, yay!
I celebrate my birthday

We celebrate Fleet Week in San Francisco
Diego says "Bridge" but it totally sounds like another word that rhymes with "Witch"
Mateo turns 10 months and FINALLY sleeps through the night
Diego discovers his love of pumpkin patches and we carve Angry Bird pumpkins
The boys are dinos for Halloween.  Diego is a T-rex, and Mateo is a Triceratops because he gets around on all fours and is a chunky-monkey (and Mama is a cavewoman)

My inlaws leave, sniffle, sniffle, but that means Qori comes home, yay!
Diego has an insane speech spurt
Quickly followed up with insane constipation which leads to rectal prolapse.  Sadface

I keep my head above water by scheduling my personal life and sacrificing my work lunch breaks to clean the house
Tater starts walking a few days before he turns 1
Tater turns Tot! (1 year old) and we throw him a Cookie Monster-themed birthday party
 Then a week later he says his first word, "Bubble"
Santa stops by the house and we celebrate a Merry Christmas
We ring in the New Year at Universal Studios Hollywood (a much better car-ride than in February!)

What an eventful year!-Shirley


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What a beautiful year! Happy New Year Friend!