Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Cord


When Qori was a fresh new puppy, my sister and I used to joke around that he had an invisible umbilical cord attached to me.  We'd go out to the dog park, and there was only a certain number of feet he would venture away before he came bouncing back to me.  It was very handy.

Mateo's invisible umbilical cord was much, much shorter.  In fact he had to have constant skin contact (mano a mano) for the first year.  I noticed that during the latter part of the year, his umbilical cord's length seemed to directly correlate to whether he was walking in a carpeted room or on hardwood flooring (unfortunately, my entire house is hardwood). 

But I gotta tell you guys that last Sunday (at almost 13 months), the umbilical cord reached an ideal elasticity for my taste.  Finally.  Before you know it, I had not only taken down Christmas in our house, but I also ORGANIZED it for storage.  All this while Mateo was wide awake and calmly hanging out not needing my contact at every moment!  A week ago this would've been unheard of.  The closest I would've been able to get to taking down Christmas was grabbing a snowflake ornament out of Mateo's mouth as he tried to eat it. 

I feel strangely free, but not.  After all, I do still have 3 invisible & elastic umbilical cords attached to me. 

Bungee jumping, anyone? - Shirley