Monday, May 24, 2010

4 Month Old Ladies Man

I'm serious--he's a ladies man. I joked about it in a previous post, but it's just so apparent now. He's surrounded by the ladies. He's either going to be a ladies' man or swing the other way, but either way, he's always hanging out with females.

Case in point: his Uncle Will's graduation on Saturday. This party was not intended to be the family party--that was scheduled for Sunday. Instead, it was meant to be the "friend" party where all of Uncle Will's "Boys" would be coming over, eating tacos from a rented taco truck, chugging beer on a beer-ski, and taking shots on a shot-ski.

The party was going to have a 90s theme and DD was ready with his Run DMC shirt and converse shoes. Unfortunately, it got cold and his outfit was "ruined" with an old-man sweater. But that didn't stop the ladies from coming. Little by little the babies came, until the office became a pseudo-day care. In total, 5 children (under 2 years of age) came to the party--and they were ALL girls! DD, as if sensing the number of girls around him, was on his best behavior to my amazement!

My little ladies man turned 4 months recently. He weighed in at a whopping 15 lbs., 15 oz. and measured 26 1/4 -in long! That's more than two feet tall! Tall, dark, and handsome... that's how the ladies' love him...