Friday, May 14, 2010

Blog Book = Writer Status?

Writing in a diary is for elementary and high school girls, I know, but I can't help it -- it's what I do; it's what I've done; and I don't see me stopping anytime soon. However, I've slowly graduated from diaries, to journals, to blogging, and now a book? When I first started this blog, I wanted it to be my online diary, which it really has. I knew there were ways to get your online blog on print, and I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be so cool if I wrote a blog, and at the end of the year published it as a book? Then I would have an instant journal in my hot little hands!"

Although I find "the internets" a fascinating and alluring place, I guess I'm still considered "old school" because there is nothing better than a physical book vs. a Kindle --though Kindles and the Ipad are definitely super-cool. The thought of having a diary semi-professionally published appealed to me. Imagine all the pictures I could add to my diary as supplemental material! My great-grandchildren would really enjoy getting to know me through the books -- that is, if they will like to read. And it is also my hope that Diego will be curious enough to read it one day when he is older to learn about the things I was up to in the year leading to his birth. I will definitely share it with his future wife too-- if I like her. Their children might even enjoy the next book documenting 2010- their father's first year. So I set forth and started blogging.

Because it's my online diary, I keep hush about it to most friends and family. Yet, I leave it open to the public because I'm an open book, no pun intended. Everything written in this blog, I write for myself. And so it was that the year 2009 came and went, and although I didn't blog as much as I should have -- hey, I was a little busy having a baby and all -- I still had enough material for a shiny new book. I created the book on It took awhile because I had a lot of formatting to do.

The book ended up being a little over 70 pages long -- the pictures helped give it a boost. As I created my book, I became more excited to see the end product. Wow, a real book! I guess I'm a writer now. Actually, I guess I AM a writer, though I've never stopped to think about it. I was always good at writing in school. Sadly though, when I ran spell-check against the book, I found a lot of stupid mistakes. Although this blog has a spell-check feature, I was too-hot-to-trot and never used it... I should have. I used to be so thorough but now with my job, my son (2nd job), my husband (3rd job), and my dog (4th job), it gets harder for me to focus on these type of things. I think my brain is over-worked, so I declare that I will now be enlisting the use of the spell-check button to save us all from unnecessary and silly mistakes.

-Shirley "The Writer"