Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It wasn't even a whole day since I dropped my parents off at San Francisco International Airport before I noticed that Diego was acting a little different. We (Diego and I) sent-off my parents on Saturday as they began their Footsteps of Moses tour to Egypt, Jerusalem, and Israel. I asked my parents to bring me back a camel -- seriously-- a wooden one. Prior to that, Diego had completed his first week of daycare-- he started off as a crier and miraculously morphed into a calm baby by Friday.

We celebrated my parents' birthdays on Friday, since they will be traveling for their actual birthdays. I spent Friday looking for a pair of diamond stud earrings for my mother. I honestly only wanted to spend around $150, and all the sales ladies were trying to sell me diamonds for $300-600. Don't they know there's a recession going on??? I mean, do people really spend that much money? I guess they do, and I guess I would if we didn't also need to get my father something.

I found some teenie-tiny diamonds --which I will redeem with bigger ones at a later date in the future-- and my mother was very happy when she opened her gift. We bought my father one of those machines that convert tape to DVD format, which he desperately needed. Back when we went to China, he recorded 8 hours of footage which he then asked me to convert on my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately for me, this meant I had to watch the ENTIRE 8 hours, because his camcorder kept freezing up during the transfer process.

I tried to keep Diego busy during the weekend. Saturday mornings are usually spent cleaning and taking Diego and the dogs out for a walk at the dog park. Sundays are reserved for time spent bonding with Daddy. Javier took us (Me, Diego, and Qori) to the Milpitas Humane Society --the humane society near Silicon Valley-- to see what types of things money brings to a shelter.
It was very nice, but I think the San Francisco SPCA still gives it a run for its money.

There was a Members Only dog park there that was fenced in. Apparently, paying for membership gives you access to a well-maintained and safe park. And it's true, it was well maintained. The grass was so perfect, it looked like a golf course lawn. I loved the members only park, until I stuck my hand through the fence and pulled on the grass and found it was faux grass! What's the point of that? I understand the many benefits of faux grass, but seriously, dogs need real grass, period. Why take them "out", if it's just going to be like they're "in"?

We then visited Diego's cousin, Andrew who is 4 years old and his mom and aunt. We met up at Starbucks and hung out for awhile. Throughout the weekend I had noticed that Diego was not finishing his milk and was getting a bit cranky. He got cranky at Starbucks, and Andrew decided to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to him until he fell asleep. Andrew is such an affectionate little boy. It was so sweet to watch him sing a lullaby to Diego. By the time I reached for my camera to film, Diego had fallen asleep, and the singing was over. That scene will always be in my memories though.

When we got home, Diego's crankiness spiraled out of control. He did not sleep through the night for 2 days. Therefore, I was super-tired when I got in to work on Monday. Then by midday I was alarmed when I saw that the sitter was calling me. 'Oh no, this is it--,' I thought as I looked at the phone, 'his first fever.'

But the sitter did not mention a fever. Only that he was crying all day and not eating as much as he usually does. Having spent time with him for the week prior, she knew he had an excellent appetite. I told her that I noticed he was fussy over the weekend and that my thoughts were it was either gas or teething.

I was worried that the sitter called. She had successfully transformed my crying baby to a calm baby in a week; then the weekend came and it seems that I messed it all up. Was it something I had done? I can't help but think that it is.

By the time I picked up Diego, he looked tired and sad. It tugged at my heart strings to think he may be in pain. So, I stopped by the store and bought him a teething ring, Oragel for babies, medicine for gas, and Ibuprofen for babies. Since I didn't know what was wrong, I didn't know what to buy. Don't think I'm going to dope my baby up, because that's not what I was planning. I just thought it couldn't hurt to have our medicine cabinet stocked up in case of emergencies.

He slept through the night this time, so I hope he is better. I will be calling the sitter later to see how he is doing. It figures that all this happens when grandma leaves...