Friday, May 28, 2010

What gives?

I was on Youtube minding my own business, well sort of. What I was really doing was watching mom vloggers, vlog about their children, so I wasn't minding my own business so to speak because I was actually on the brink of voyuerism (minus the perverted nature of course). But it's welcome because why else would these women put themselves on the interwebs for the world to see?

I can speak for them too, because I do the vlogging now too. So anyway, back to my point. I was sending a purely innocent message to a new YouTube mom vlogger that I found. Her son is one month ahead of mine and I wanted to tell her that I enjoyed her videos. After I wrote that comment, I decided I would go to her personal YouTube page and invite her to be friends. I was just about to press the friend invitation button, when my pupils gravitated towards the bottom of the screen. I saw the image below.

What gives, man? What gives?

Click on the image. You'll see username Ladiesman....