Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Breaking Mom"

So remember when Diego told my Dad that I wear my boots too much?  Well - apparently now he went and told my mom that I'm fat and ugly!  LOL - OK that might be a little harsh, but the short story is that he has been screaming "Mama, MAMA!" and pointing to the TV when the "Breaking Dawn" trailer plays and pregnant Bella is on the screen.

The picture above is actually doing Bella justice because from all the trailers I've seen so far, the makeup artist made her look HIDEOUS, because well um - she's dying!  For now, I will choose to believe that Diego is only associating the dark hair and baby bump with what he sees on the screen.  (He rubbed my belly the other night, it was the cutest thing but I don't think he has a clue about what's in there.  1/2 a baby vampire, perhaps?).

Some other things I've witnessed him yell "Mama, MAMA!" at are:

  • The Payless Shoes commercial:  OK, enough already, we all know I have a boot obsession.
  • Queen Latifah in the Cover Girl commercials:  Are you kidding me, Diego????

Wishing Diego would scream "Dada, DADA!" at Edward Cullen... -Shirley


Jessica Jollyjess6 said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That's funny! How is Diego's language development going? Ethan doesn't say much only mama and dada but he rarely says mama.

Shirley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@Jessica Jollyjess6 Same with Diego, but all of a sudden he started clearly saying Mama all the time! It's so nice to hear I've got to admit. Language is still slow, but OMG Jess, he said his first real word finally! "Ball". He may have already said other words with bad phonics, but this one is very clear. He'll point to a ball and clearly say, "Ball", of course I got it on video. I was amazed.