Monday, November 14, 2011

Project Four-Zero: 34 Weeks!

This week I won lovingly convinced my husband to name our son Mateo!  How did I finally do it?  Borderline harassment Months of subtle hints to the name, blatantly reminding him what a perfectly fine name Mateo is, referring to the baby as "Mateo" at every opportunity, and finally a little bit of dumb luck.  I could tell I was wearing my husband down the previous week as he alluded to giving in, but didn't give me any real confirmation until now.

This week, he was helping one of his long-time customers move to the bay area.  His wife has cancer, sadly, and they were moving closer to Stanford Hospital.  One of the great things about my husband working with financially well-off customers is that occasionally they do not want their crap treasures.  We scored a new sleigh bed, an antique wooden wardrobe for my stepson, and a bunch of outdoor chairs for our new deck.  But I think I scored the best haul thanks to them: winning the name game.

My husband was chatting with his client's cancer-striken wife, who was in great spirits.  He mentioned that we were expecting again (she loved the name Diego when she first found out way back when.)

Her response to finding out that we were expecting again?

"How wonderful!  You should name your next son Mateo!"

My husband's eyes widened as he said, "What did you say?!  Have you been talking with my wife?  That's the name she's been wanting!"  and he immediately called me so that I could chat with the woman who helped me win my case.

So was it just dumb luck or a sign from the powers that be?  Let me tell ya, I believe in signs...

I've been good with the sugar but bad with the fast food.  

Extremely uncomfortable in work meetings while baby is jumping around, I think everyone can see it.  
Increased sensitivity - as in "I'm about to cry" but I haven't, although one internet video almost threw me over the edge. 

-Agree on a name by begin Nov.
-wash all baby clothes
-Pack Maternity bag by begin Nov.
-Buy a Bassinette by begin Nov.
-Photoshoot props ready?
-Get baby car seat & carrier out of storage.
- Register with hospital
- nursing clothes and socks/slippers
- stock freezer
-buy heavy/overnight pads
-buy pacifiers

Mateo:  "Gift from God" (will be most fitting if he's born near his due date of Dec 21st.)


Sarbear said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a grand name. I can't believe that story, how crazy! I guess Mateo was just meant to be. I can't wait to see the little guy.


p.s. I'm loving all of these creative pregnancy photos. :)

Jessica Jollyjess6 said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This is one of my favorite pinspired pictures so far! Cute name too.

That video sounds awful! I can't stand that kind of stuff.