Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Project Four-Zero: 36 Weeks!

I promise, this will be my last Turkey post since it's almost been a week since Thanksgiving.  I'm a little late with my 36th week update and from my other posts, most of you know that the doctor scared me 2 days before Thanksgiving by finding that I was 2 cm dilated and saying that I "could" go into labor on Thanksgiving given my history!  Long story, short -- there was no early labor, just a lot of good food while still keeping my glucose levels under control. 

Speaking of glucose levels, I was able to keep my glucose levels under control enough to dodge an ugly insulin bullet.  Basically, I was told to control my fasting glucose levels by eating a bedtime snack every night, and if I wasn't able to control it in a week, then I was going to be prescribed an insulin shot to the belly every night!  I felt like I fell off the wagon and was now back in rehab, being given a dose of tough love.  You would think I have no problem with a bedtime snack, but I do.  I figured it out though.  I need to eat a smaller dinner, and try to eat earlier so I have time to feel hungry again before bed.  When I went to the diabetes appointment, they had a doctor's order waiting for me for insulin shots but one look at my glucose log and they left it in my file to gather dust. 

Sleeping is really tough now.  I wake up at 1 am, 3 am, and 5 am...
Stretch marks.... say what!!!!?

I thought I had my cravings under control until Thanksgiving -- Martinelli's apple cider and apple pie!  I was in heaven!  I had at least 4 cups of cider!  Splurge!

-Agree on a name by begin Nov.
-wash all baby clothes
-Pack Maternity bag by begin Nov.
-Buy a Bassinette by begin Nov.
-Photoshoot props ready?
-Get baby car seat & carrier out of storage
- Register with hospital
- nursing clothes and socks/slippers
 - stock freezer
-buy heavy/overnight pads


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Yay for no injectiions, yuck! I was dilated to a 4 at 35 weeks(I fell and landed on my belly) and it last for 3 weeks. Oh my gosh you have really dropped! He is so coming soon.eeeeekkkk!!! My mom chaperoned me the last 2ish weeks and I'm glad she did. Cause when it was go time she was the only one around and there was no way I could drive anywhere. I love his new shirt you made.