Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baby Noms

Since I've been struggling with milk production, I thought I'd make myself feel better with this post and toot my own horn when it came to homemade baby food.  Whereas I can't control how much milk my body can produce, I CAN control how healthy the nom noms are that I feed my baby!

I never had a deep mindset to only feed my baby homemade food, but that's how the dice rolled in the end.  Honestly, as a new mom 2 years ago I flirted with the baby food aisle.  It was so tempting as a working mom to just buy a few jars (which I did).  But what I found was that it was so easy to make homemade baby food, that those jars just ended up collecting dust in our pantry.  At one point, I had to throw out ten jars because they had reached their expiration.

Since we typically have veggies with dinner, I usually set some aside (pre-seasoning or spices) and then I either boil or steam the veggies and run them through the Magic Bullet (Sometimes I add a fruit in the mix).  That's it!

So even though my baby is only getting 8 oz of mother's milk a day, I feel great in knowing that he receives a very healthy, homemade, organic meal at home (and boy has this boy taken to the art of eating!).

I was making Cream of Asparagus and set aside some boiled asparagus, spinach (switched out for leeks this particular day), and quinoa (bought at Costco - I sneak a little of that stuff in everything to kick up the health factor).  Ran it through the Magic bullet and had a happy baby!