Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olympic Redemption

I reached my Olympic moment yesterday (sorry - my house has Olympic fever right now - how about yours?).  Like an Olympic athlete, I have been working hard for years as a mother.  One of the gold medals I was vying for was in the sport of saying "mama" before "dada".  Like Lolo Jones, I was on track for the gold the first time around, but was eventually robbed by the glitz and glamour of Dada. So I kept up my regimen in hopes I'd fare better the second time around.

This is where Lolo's and my Olympic story diverges.  I pity Lolo's story and appreciate that mine turned out differently. 

Diego, Mateo, and I were sitting on the couch.  Diego was silently playing on his Kindle Fire when out of nowhere, Mateo said "Mama" clear as day.  I looked to 2 year old Diego for some kind of acknowledgment since he was my only witness.  The toothy smile that appeared on Diego's face in the seconds after my Olympic moment was validity enough.  Then his smile turned into giggles, and finally he spoke up.  "Brother, mama!" he said and laughed.  It was weird for the both of us.  This little chunk has been in our lives for just about 8 months now and hasn't spoken a word.  So Diego and I had a blast hearing his brother take on a new human trait. 

I can now retire from this sport, a gold medal winner.   In yo' face, Dada!

Reveling in my motherhood moment of glory- Shirley


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Woot woot! Way to go Mama! :)